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Cannabis Vape 101 – A Guide for Novice Moms ”

The cannabis market is massive and growing fast. Since many states have legalized the substance and others decriminalized marijuana its popularity has never ceased to increase. Regular users are happy to have access to quality products they can trust at sensible prices, and newcomers have been attracted to vaping cannabis now that it is legal to so. In some states growing your own cannabis is legal, which is a major bonus for many users.

Cannabis has many benefits in terms of helping with pain management, but there are some concerns about its use in certain situations. For example, should a new mom who is breastfeeding a child be vaping weed? We’ll talk about that later on but as this article is aimed at novice moms, those perhaps new to vaping, let’s have a quick look at what you need to know about vaping and the equipment it uses. 

What You Need to Know

You can vape other substances as well as cannabis, including CBD – a cannabis derived product that does not include the psychoactive element THC – and a wide choice of e-liquids. The latter are simply flavored products designed to replace smoking tobacco. 

However, we’re interested in vaping cannabis so here’s what you need to know. You’ll need a vape device. Most people prefer a vape pen with a safety 510 thread battery that usually comes with adjustable voltage. Why is this important? It’s all to do with the way a vape pen or mod works, so let’s explain that.

A vape pen consists of a container – called a pen because it is shaped like one but there are all different shapes and sizes – in which there is a chamber. The chamber is where you put your dry herb or wax cannabis. Also included is the battery we mentioned, as well as a heating element or coil.

When the user draws on the device the battery quickly heats the coil to a temperature where it atomizes the cannabis, creating the cloud to inhale. However, at different temperatures the effect and substance of the cloud differs. Some users like a smoother, others a more full-on intake. Adjusting the voltage allows you to find your ideal point on the temperature scale.

Some vape pens are disposable, so you simply use it and buy another. These are cheap and generally basic. Others can be quite complex and sophisticated, so it pays to know what you’re looking for. For a novice, we recommend a decent pen with adjustable increments that you can use to get used to the process of vaping cannabis. So, back to that earlier question: should a new mother who is breastfeeding be vaping cannabis?

Advise for New Moms

The answer to the question is no. It is not advised to smoke when breastfeeding, and only recently has the medical world accepted that an infrequent glass of wine will cause no harm, and vaping or indeed smoking cannabis is a no-no. Cannabis can harm a baby’s development as – just like with the user – it will affect their nervous system. This is not good for a growing child, so if you are a vaper or a cannabis user, please be sensible and take time out until the child is weaned off breast milk, and don’t vape right next to them.

If you want to read about expected vaping trends over the next few years it’s interesting stuff. There is no doubt that more people will take up vaping marijuana as more states legalize the plant, just make sure you take care around kids and younger people when you’re enjoying your vape.

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Cannabis Vape 101 – A Guide for Novice Moms

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