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Boys club chat with Alli Worthington, mom of 5 New 2020

Boys club chat with Alli Worthington, mom of 5

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5 worthington boys in a truck

Seeing her around the blogosphere, I always marveled at how pretty, feminine, and put-together Alli Worthington seemed from a distance, so I am beyond thrilled she let me pick her brain for our Rookie Moms Boys Club. Alli is extremely busy being a builder of companies, blogger, consultant, and general curator of awesome. She is the founder and publisher of Blissfully Domestic women’s magazine. Oh yeah, and did I mention she has FIVE SONS?!

How old are your boys?
My husband and I have 5 boys who range in ages from 4 to 14, and we live outside of Nashville, TN. All the boys are about two and a half years apart, and all of their names begin with J. Yes, all J’s; we are of of ”˜those’ families.

I tell new friends who visit just to call the boys all ”˜J’ at first. Otherwise I see the look of panic when they hear everyone’s names and wonder how they will remember all the names later.

What has most surprised you about being a boy mom?
I don’t have siblings, so living with six males is a constant education. I both enjoy and am horrified by watching the boys interact with each other in ways I never would have imagined. They hug, wrestle, fight, and then hug again. When they start fighting I yell, “Hey guys, are you happy fighting or angry fighting?” Nine times out of ten, they are happy fighting.

On nights at home with sports on TV, all five boys cuddle up with my husband in our bed. I, of course, try to avoid this at all costs. I stay in the living room because it’s quiet!

Of course I hear everything that happens in the next room. It is hilarious how predictable they all are. This is what happens:

  1. At first, they snuggle up and watch the game with Daddy.
  2. After 15 minutes I hear them all laughing and talking.
  3. Then they wrestle and someone gets knocked off the bed.
  4. Then I hear one boy fuss at another.
  5. Then someone gets mad and punches another brother.
  6. Then my husband asks them to shush, get along and watch the game.
  7. They never do.
  8. Before you know it, I hear my husband yell, “Everyone out if you can’t behave!”
  9. They leave and come back over and over again- each time promising to chill out.
  10. Eventually they do chill out and all snuggle up sweetly.
  11. Until they start yelling to celebrate a touchdown on TV.
  12. Then the boys get excited and get rowdy.
  13. Can you guess what happens next? Yep, it happens all over again.

I will never understand their boy worlds, but I don’t have to…and I love peeking in. 🙂

What is the most fun thing about being a boy mom right now?
The best moments right now probably involve the bonds between the brothers of varying ages. Recently our youngest (4) decided he was afraid to sleep at night and would walk down the hallway to his oldest brother’s (14) room, curl up like a puppy on top of the covers and fall asleep.

Parenting is a long game. Moms especially don’t get many pats on the back. Noticing these little moments of sweetness can be a huge encouragement that I’m doing a good job as a mother. No one is perfect, no mother can do it all, but seeing my boys care for each other tells me I’m doing just fine.

What is the hardest thing about being a boy mom right now?
Forcing myself to make them take personal responsibility for their actions, choices and decisions. It’s much easier to rescue and make excuses for children at all costs. Moms want to make hard times go away for older kids just like they did when that child was a baby.

It’s also hard not to give them things they haven’t earned. Sure, I could buy them a new game or a new football, etc.. but I know that it is only what is earned that is truly appreciated. It’s a disservice to my kids to spoil them because the want never subsides. There will always be an upgrade or a better toy thanks to commercials.

To value an item, and themselves in the long term, things (and the money to buy those things) must be earned.

Do you have a tip to share for moms of younger children?
Break the motherhood cycle of catering to your kids. It will make you miserable. By enabling their dependance and giving kids too much, we can accidentally allow our kids to become entitled. That becomes self-centeredness, and that can make kids grow into little emotionally-unstable dictators. C’mon, before you balk at how upfront I am, tell me you don’t know a kid like that? We all do. Those kids probably have parents who think they are very loving, but are actually enabling their children.

I also think moms would suffer less depression if we expected kids in the US to lift a finger.

If your kid can use your iPad, your kid is bright enough to do chores.

I constantly battle with this myself. Some days I want to let the chores slide and just do everything myself so I don’t have to suffer through all the whining. Trust me, it’s worth the hassle of forcing your kids to be responsible and do their work.

For example, all children have a tendency to take their parents for granted and fall into a pattern of expecting their mothers to cater to them.

That type of unnecessary constant sacrifice serving the the whims of kids who can do things for themselves is what wears many mothers down. I actively teach the boys about boundaries by what I do not do for them and what I expect them to do.

They pack their own lunches and empty the dishwasher starting at age 8. And I expect them to be responsible for themselves and work for the benefit of the whole family more and more as they get older. The boys do all the kitchen work, have to cook dinner once a week, put away laundry, vacuum and do yard work.

Instead of me doing it all and becoming overwhelmed and quietly resentful, I teach the boys to honor their family and their mom by pulling their own weight. In return, they have much happier parents.

Now, this sounds lofty, but it’s not in daily life. They still whine about chores and have farting contests with each other while they work. As long as no guests are over, I ignore the obnoxiousness. 🙂

I want to hear more about this. I’m wondering how much work my 7, 5, and 1 year olds are ready for.
Sadly, not much for the under 6 crowd. My littles are slackers. Depending on personality, the 7year old can pack his own lunch, vacuum living room and empty dishwasher. I never had any luck getting any of my boys under 5 to clean up after themselves. All the advice of having preschoolers tidy their toys was lost on us.

When my oldest was in Kindergarten he had to unload dishes and vacuum before school. I’m slacking with all his little brothers. Ha. 😉

Alli Worthington and her husband smiling

What do you do to stay girlie in a house of boys?
I think my company grew out of my need to be around other women! The conference I co-founded, the BlissDom Social Media Conference, has 1000 attendees all of whom just so happen to be women. 🙂

I built an entire media company that focuses on connecting smart women, big ideas and great resources. BlissDom is a business conference with parties with an excessive amount of glitter. Well, at least on me…

Is there another mom of many boys you look to for advice or inspiration?
My friend, Wendy Scherer (on twitter as @WendyScherer) is a wonderful person who is a fantastic mom of teen guys.

Related dude-friendly links:
Today I’m sharing fun stocking stuffers because Whitney told me to.

  1. Punch balloons — the very best small things to get out big energy when housebound in the winter so you don’t punch out your brothers (as recommended to me by Alli last year; for some reason 50 balls is just a bit more than 12 so buy 50.)
  2. Adhesive mustaches — I did not need to buy 50 of these but they’re so darn funny and now I’ll never run out. They’re in my stocking too. What?
  3. Iron-on ties — spiff up your child’s t-shirt or onesie while supporting this adorable etsy store.
  4. Any kind of small vehicle — matchbox cars, hot wheels, baby versions… I don’t care, we all get ’em.
  5. Lego minfigures — I like to buy the surprise packages that include one random mystery dude, even for myself. Sawyer will get a DUPLO dude that is already in our house. Shhh.

And remember, moms:

[All photos from Alli Worthington used with her permission]

Since this interview Alli has launched a book project phenomenon called Breaking Busy: How to Find Peace and Purpose in a World of Crazy. I love this but I’ve been too busy to read it!

Breaking Busy: a guidebook for over-busy moms and humans

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Giving it away: BPA-free, microwave-safe food storage containers from Kinderville New 2020

Giving it away: BPA-free, microwave-safe food storage containers from Kinderville

Join Mimsblog to find out the article “Giving it away: BPA-free, microwave-safe food storage containers from Kinderville”

There are very few items that I get my hands on as a blogger that make me think “I want other parents to know about this!” These silicon containers made by Kinderville are among the few.

If you are wary of putting plastics in the microwave, then you will be glad to know that you can put this stuff in there. So many kids plates are made of plastic; I end up scraping leftovers into another container for storage, and yet another for reheating. No more.

Super cute in color and fun for kids because they are “bendy”, I am pleased to give away a set of jars, bowls, and cups to one lucky winner. Hop over to the RookieMoms Facebook page and comment there to be entered.

On Monday, April 26, 2010, I’ll pick a winner from someone who has commented on our Facebook page. The prize is one set each of jars, bowls, and cups, all made of this nifty colorful silicon. Thanks Kinderville!

UPDATE: I picked a winner, the 58th commenter on our Facebook page. Thanks, everyone!

Keyword: Giving it away: BPA-free, microwave-safe food storage containers from Kinderville

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10 Brands that Make Life a Little Easier for Moms & Moms to Be! New 2020

Eluxury Crib Pad

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Life as a mom is filled with an endless list of things to do and worry about. From pregnancy through, well pretty much through the rest of time, there is something to do or worry about. We found these 10 brands that make life a little bit easier, a little less worrisome and overall just great for moms and moms to be. 

Make Bedtime a Little Better!

All moms-to-be need sleep, so being comfortable is of the utmost importance. The eLuxury line of mattress pads can keep mom comfortable and, when the baby arrives, they even have the same version of Mom’s mattress pad for the little one.

Eluxury Crib Pad

The mattress pads are designed with double-needle baffle box stitching that prevents fill from shifting or moving around, so the mattress pad stays consistently comfortable. In addition, they are made with a Hypoallergenic Fiber to help prevent those pesky allergies. eLuxury has sold over 1 million mattress pads and is made in the good ole USA. They have seven different styles! You can check them out here.

Easy Travel Snack Time Solution

10 brands for moms

Traveling with tiny humans is definitely no walk in the park. Dare-U-Go! created a 5-in-1 solution that simplifies feeding your little ones on-the-go. Designed with travel in mind, Dare-U-Go! folds into a food storage unit that seals airtight.

Dare U Go

It not only catches food, the bib keeps clothes clean, it is easy to wipe down and with built-in dividers, food doesn’t touch! A spork is also included. Dare-U-Go! is Microwave and Dishwasher safe. All One-Piece! Say Good-bye to the extra laundry & dishes! Check it out here!

A Rug that can handle kids…and pets too

In our household, we’ve lost a few good rugs to some unfortunate incidents courtesy of our little ones. Ruggable rugs helps prevent that pain as they are designed with moms (and pet moms) in mind.


These innovative, 2-piece rug systems feature a non-slip rug pad and a stain-resistant rug cover, which you can easily spot-clean, change, or wash in your washing machine, allowing it to stay fresh and free from allergens, spills, muddy paw prints, crayon marks, and even the occasional accidents.

And because these rugs are lightweight and come in a variety of designs and colors””they’re the perfect way to brighten up any room in time for summer! Check out their Best Selling Rugs 

Car Safety While Pregnant!

TummyShield-inusetwins (1)

I remember how stressed out I was driving when I was pregnant. My giant belly so close to the steering wheel, I would drive so slow in fear of getting in an accident. Finally, there is a More Comfortable & Safer Driving Solution During Pregnancy with Tummy Shield. This is a Vital Safety Product for your Maternity List.


The Tummy Shield makes driving comfortable and safe again for pregnant moms.

The safest choice and only crash-tested solution in increase seat belt safety. Using crash worthy materials, Tummy Shield safely redirects the seat belt away from the pregnant belly. Visit for more details

Reduce Baby’s Diaper Rash in Just ONE Use!

Did you know introducing solid foods can increase diaper rash? The enzymes needed to break down solid foods during digestion get passed into baby’s stool, which, when in contact with baby’s skin, can also break down and become irritated. This can lead to an increase in diaper rash.

Balmex Complete Protection Diaper Rash Cream combines effective diaper rash ingredients with natural evening primrose, which has been shown in tests to inhibit the enzymes from irritating baby’s bottom, so it can both prevent and treat diaper rash. In fact, Balmex has been clinically proven to reduce diaper rash in just ONE use. Yes, that is right, one use!  Find a retailer near you today.


Best Product to Help You Get Pregnant 

Peeing on a stick to predict ovulation is so last year! The Ava bracelet, worn while you sleep, detects your five most fertile days””not after they’ve passed, but as they’re happening. The device tracks five physiological parameters, including temperature, pulse and breathing rate to zero-in on your fertile window, all while tracking your menstrual cycle, stress levels and sleep through an easy-to-use app.

They just released Ava 2.0. This band is the improved version of their clinically proven fertility tracking bracelet. It comes with an optimized sensor pod for better comfort and a vibrating alarm.  You can learn more about Ava Women Fertility Tracker here!

The Best Baby Brand for style, value and comfort!


    1. I have been a fan of Carter’s from my first kid through my 5th child. Their clothes are always stylish and comfortable for the baby. Carter’s has everything you need for fun in the sun this summer with 100s of sunshiney styles at awesome prices. Carter’s offers all your wardrobe essentials from bodysuits to summer collections and accessories. Check out this season’s collection here!

Best Brand to Save Mama’s Back!

Us mama’s all know too well the feeling of that sore lower back after a long day of holding a fussy baby. TushBaby is a high quality, safety-certified baby hip seat that alleviates pressure from your back, hips and arms by supporting your child. Even if you have a toddler who loves to be held, TushBaby can support a child up to 44lbs. 


Designed to make your life easier, with TushBaby, you can do errands in a snap and travel with ease. It even has a handy dandy little mesh cell phone pocket so that you can grab your phone whenever needed.  If you use code: musthave15 you will save 15% off your TushBaby purchase at

The Best Brand to get Mom back to Pre-pregnancy Shape

Getting back into pre-pregnancy shape is never easy and I am firmly for anything that can help. Gabrialla is the most complete Maternity, Postpartum & Shapewear Collection in the US. Not only does it help your body return back into pre-pregnancy shape sooner, but it’s Medically correct designs help prevent lower back pain, stretch marks, and improve figure and posture.


They use Natural and breathable materials (Milk Protein Fiber & Cotton) which is perfect for those hot summer months. Check out their summer collection here!

The Best Service I wish I knew about a long time ago

I have always tried to take care of my skin. That being said, I have gone through countless bottles of wasted skincare products because they just did not work with my skin. Beauty By Design is the first skincare company providing advanced formulas with unlimited guidance from your own personal Esthetician.

The esthetician will match you to one of 5,000+ possible regimens. You can get cleansers starting at $25. Serums & Treatments starting at $30. Moisturizers starting at $30. Check out all the details here!


Overall, us moms need all the support we can get to get through this whole raising tiny humans thing. Sometimes it comes from friends and family with tips and advice or just watching your little one when you need a break. And sometimes there are some great products and services that just make life so much easier. Grab one of these items for yourself mamas, you deserve it!


Keyword: 10 Brands that Make Life a Little Easier for Moms & Moms to Be!

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I’m hosting a diaper drive. You can too. New 2020

I’m hosting a diaper drive. You can too.

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Yes, it’s time for me to put the diapers where my mouth is — eww! — and host my own diaper drive. This morning I dropped off a big box at my child’s preschool with some signage. You could also do it in your front yard (like Whitney did) or mostly online (like Wendy did). In any case, I want to do it BIG. I want to help my local diaper bank, Help a Mother Out (HAMO), with a 2500 diaper donation. It’s a pretty lofty goal, but I figure I should aim high.

If you want to donate to my diaper drive for HAMO helping Bay Area moms, you can make a cash donation through Network for Good. If you want to try diaper driving yourself, I highly encourage it. Share your story in the comments!

I downloaded the signs here:

Related Rookie Moms Posts:

Awesome Mom Profile Lisa Truong (founder of HAMO and overall cool chick) and Ellen Pompeo talks diapers and motherhood (celebrity mom helping other moms).

Donate to HAMO via Network for Good.

Disclosure: I am an ambassador for Huggies Every Little Bottom campaign to diaper all babies in need. They asked me to spread the word on this issue and here I am spreading it. Now pass it on and collect some diapers. Thanks!

Keyword: I’m hosting a diaper drive. You can too.

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Love poems to a minivan New 2020

Love haikus to my minivan

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When our family found out we were expecting a third baby, we made the (tough) decision to get a minivan. We had been busting out of our smaller car and could never offer an adult visitor a ride let alone help out for a carpool.

Milo was so excited that he told his whole preschool about the family pregnancy by announcing, “We’re getting a van and a baby” in that order.

Love haikus to my minivan

3 adults, 2 big kids, 2 toddlers, with room to spare.

With four years of a Honda Odyssey under my belt, I love it. Whitney asked me to share some of my tips, logistics, and secret stories from life in the minivan. I chose to write these Haikus about our experience:

i can pick you up
there is room enough for all
grandmas, carpool too.

we love our baby
he screams in the car each time
sad i can’t reach him

we sit in silence
when boys have their kindles out
what a giant car

the magic button
opens all the doors for me
get out now, please go

baby near sidewalk door
the back back is very far
boosters all over

books go in the back
i keep all the snacks close by
children everywhere

cupholders are ten
only in the front seat, dude
hand spritz rides in style

space for all our gear
room to stretch, read, sing, and play
but please no farting

Any questions?

Keyword: Love poems to a minivan

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6 toys found in any house New 2020

6 toys found in any house

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I wonder if my friends Deb and Elliott, now parents to two kids ages zero and two, remember when they had no children of their own and they hosted a Hanukkah party where the rest of us let our kids run wild in their house. The astounding thing about their home — that our kids had never before seen — was that they had NO toys. Or so they thought.

Scarlett was a maniac toddler who helped herself to removing and tasting all the delicate ornaments on their Christmas tree, and Holden kept throwing their fancy throw pillows. (Hey, why are they called THROW PILLOWS?) In this excerpt from our new book Stuff Every Mom Should Know, we guide you to some better choices for playthings should you find yourself in a toy-free house.

Six Toys Found in Any House

Most adult homes have lots of hidden toys yet to be discovered. This little-known fact can come in handy when visiting your cool child-free friends (or the grandparents!). Our six ideas will prevent you from toting your entire toy chest for the afternoon.

1. Masking tape or painter’s tape. You can create an indoor hopscotch game, train tracks, or even a tiny city using a little tape and some imagination.

painters tape tracks

2. The kitchen sink. Find a place where it’s okay to get a little splashy and let your child wash some plastic dishes or toys in the sink or a bowl. Have a hose outside? Even better! Put it on a slow trickle.

3. Blankets and pillows. See previous entry for instructions to make a killer blanket fort.

made by joel coloring sheet

4. Paper and pens. With your supervision, the little one can doodle, draw, practice letters, and solve your homemade mazes without damaging the table-tops. Test your skills at airplane making. Add clear tape for fun that goes on and on.

5. DVD cases. A shelf packed with movies or video games is almost as good as a set of train tracks. Encourage your child to make a path out of the cases on the floor of the living room while the adults sit around drinking coffee.

6. A set of party cups. Paper or plastic cups can be used as little snack containers or the building blocks of a pyramid. A younger child can make a stack of 3 or 10 with some help. An older child can challenge herself to see how quickly she can make and unmake the pyramid. (Hand over your phone as a stopwatch.)

(coloring sheet designed by made by joel)

Find Stuff Every Mom Should Know at

Keyword: 6 toys found in any house

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100 fun things to do with your baby New 2020

100 things to do with your baby

Join Mimsblog to find out the article “100 fun things to do with your baby”

100 things to do with your baby

A valuable list of very simple things every rookie mom needs to know are included in the new book Homemade Play by early childhood educator Kim Lyons. These are not life-saving skills like how to treat a high fever, but rather revelatory concepts, such as things you can do with a kitchen sponge to entertain a baby. (Throw it! Put it on your head! Pretend it’s a bed for a small doll! Put it in a container of water and watch it float!)

Sometimes I found myself craving or buying new toys as stimulus to interact with my baby. It was guilt-free retail therapy that relieved some boredom for me. Homemade Play offers dozens of new ideas for things you already have around the house — or can find in nature. “The best toys for babies are often the simplest,” says author Kim.

Here’s an excerpt:

Homemade Play: 100 things to do with babies 1 month to 1 year

This book is an invitation to slow down and be present with your baby, including ideas for tummy time, movements and what to say or sing.

Another excerpt:

100 ideas for playing with baby, using things already in your house.

Download the Kindle version for $2.99 at

Disclosure: I received an electronic version of the book to review a couple of years ago.

Book with tons of play ideas for new babie

Keyword: 100 fun things to do with your baby

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The Control Freak’s Guide to potty training New 2020

Control Freak

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Control Freak's Guide to potty training; tips and tools

Step One: Get someone else to do it.

There. I said it. I hate this phase of parenting so much, I wish I could outsource potty training my child altogether. Control freaks like things done on their timelines. Potty training doesn’t work that way.

I’m so grateful that the peer pressure potty training technique of my sons’ preschool has been so successful. Apparently, nothing can motivate a toddler to whiz in the right place like the opportunity to sit on the potty with his friends — AT THE SAME TIME IN THE SAME ROOM! Placing three little bums on three little potties in a row is genius in my book. If only I had the space for this set-up in my home, but I digress.

While I still don’t love it, I want to share 5 universal truths about potty training I’ve gleaned from my half-hearted participation in the toilet education of my own children.

1. When you ask, “Do you have to pee?” most children will lie to you. I have asked this very question seconds before my child has wet himself in the car seat and on the couch. Ugh and ugh. If the child is in your doorway or — worse — your furniture, you’ll wish you had some strategically-placed piddle pads and spare undies in your purse. Try not to make a Big Thing of it — that won’t help anyway.

2. Sweatpants are your friends. For quick potty runs, it helps toddlers to have pants they can pull up and down on their own– and quickly. Skirts are even better; this is not the time for buttons and latches.

3. Candy and stickers will only get you so far. I am in favor of bribing my child for the desired result (though I do think we need to be careful not to throw a parade for every deposit in the toilet — when does it end? Will they ask their Kindergarten teachers for M&Ms? Their college roommates?). Wishing for a one-size-fits-all approach, I have been disappointed to learn that some personality types love the sticker chart and candy bribes while others could care less. Know your audience.

4. The range of normal is broad. Wondering when your child will stop needing diapers at night? I learned that between age 3 and 7 is considered normal. That’s pretty wide open, but should offer you some comfort if you find yourself tossing a package of pull-ups into your shopping cart for the same kid who correctly read “Gun Show Coming Soon” from a highway billboard. Either way, don’t sweat it.

5. You can lead a toddler to the toilet, but you can’t make her pee. Yes, I have observed that children do it when they’re ready. It will never be on my own time-table, and being a control freak, this one really hurts. In the grand scheme of parenting, toilet training is an area where the control is literally being passed from the parent to the child like a urine-soaked torch. It is necessary.

You can lead a toddler to the potty

Pro Tip: Offer ample opportunity and never force the issue. Children can smell your anxiety and pressure and they rebel against it.

Favorite products mentioned here that will not necessarily get you a quicker result:

  • Cheap sweatpants – 3 for $9
  • Absorbent undies that you can actually decorate with fabric paint
  • BabyBjorn potty chair and toilet trainer seat insert that I’ve had for eight years
  • To protect your car seat (from liars and urine), try these piddle pads
  • Pull-ups. I cannot go on the record supporting pull-ups because I feel like they confuse children learning to use the toilet rather than a diaper. That said, I buy them. Don’t judge me.

Do you have any tips or lessons learned to share?Potty training tips and tricks from a control freak

Keyword: The Control Freak’s Guide to potty training

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Favorite morning sickness remedies? New 2020

Favorite morning sickness remedies?

Join Mimsblog to find out the article “Favorite morning sickness remedies?”

After acknowledging that “morning sickness” is a stupid name for a condition that leaves pregnant women hurling in the bathroom sink or behind gas stations during any hour of the day, let’s talk about battling it.

I kept a pack of strong peppermint gum with me All The Time and ate every two hours, usually cereal, until the first 14 weeks of this third pregnancy were over. Between the naps and constant snacking, I felt like a toddler. I still hurled a dozen times. Yes, I counted!

extra gum and other morning sickness remedies

My best first trimester friend only failed me once

I asked the twitter community (twitterverse, I believe we like to be called) for their favorite remedies for those queasy first trimester feelings and got a gaggle of great answers. After enough people said saltines and ginger ale to make me barf, I got a few clever responses. Sorry folks. Are puke jokes funny or not really?

Sweet stuff to battle morning sickness

  • Mmartin4688: suck on Skittles!!!
  • just_ough: vanilla ice cream
  • Gazerella: smoothies got me through it!
  • NHoltwick: McDonalds regular coke. Seriously works!!
  • Teondra: I found that sweet sucking candy and fruit juice, things with sugar helped to ease nausea.
  • themobilemama: jolly ranchers helped me get through the work day
  • TuesdayGirl: all that worked for me during my last pregnancy was Swedish fish.
  • injuryboard: My favorite was sucking on Gatorade ice cubes. Preggie Pops are also good.
  • erinlong: Cold, bubbly Coke. Dr said I could safely have a few a day! And chew gum!
  • LouandBunny: Eat a few cookies before even getting out of bed! Works a treat! 😉

Missy Martin’s trusted pal

Salty and strange stuff to fight the queasy pregnancy tummy

  • Susan: Salt and vinegar potato chips totally took care of me. I ate a handful after every meal. Including breakfast. (Eeew.)

Susan Wagner’s old friend

More tips, tricks, and odd foods to keep from hurling

  • Leonora: Don’t get hungry, don’t get full. [Heather note: best tip ever]
  • CourtKlingbeil: I took everything! Dramamine 2 Zofran. Was sick from 6 wks til the end 🙁 Medicine is totally worth it if u need it to function.
  • madatmama: Seabands. That was the only thing that worked.
  • Wendy: Citrus helped me — lemonade, marmalade, lemon drops.
  • beingthefunmama: amen to the citrus. Frozen lemonade was also on my short list of ok foods &7-11 hot dogs (i’d prefer to forget those!)
  • LavenderPoet: Have something next to the bed so you can have a couple bites before getting up. Cereal or saltines.
  • jennathornton3: ginger ale, saltines, coke or anything bubbly…cold things, lemon and of course good ol phenergan
  • Debutots_Jen: Yuck, don’t remind me. How about: Try and sleep through those awful 12 weeks. Actually, acupuncture really helped with my 3rd
  • DeaCasebeer: take your prenatal vitamins at night & peppermint tea from Starbucks. That is what helped me. 😉
  • thewarriormom: I had 5 full term pregnancies. Tea w/ raw ginger root & strong peppermint gum helped a lot.
  • leeleepitts: I second peppermint gum. Also, Mac and cheese. It was all I could stomach for about 3 wks.
  • beingthefunmama: My cure: eggs w salsa. They were 1 of the few things I could manage (ended up on Zofran for nausea). Protein made huge diff.
  • mkmaines: Zofran!
  • BabyBumpBeyond: What worked best for me was never allowing my stomach to be empty- lots of healthy snacks! For me, eating plain/dull foods made morning sickness worse! (which makes it 10x harder when u are #glutenfree & pregnant)
  • mayberrymom: acupressure wristbands (Sea Bands)
  • caglove: Crystallized ginger candy, soda crackers on the bedside table and patience. Good luck!
  • PamperedChef_: Anything with peppermint or ginger, like Canada Dry ginger ale helped relieve the nausea. I drank lots of mint tea.
  • jolenemarie: Soda crackers, in bed, before rising!
  • cookiecreambaby: I took ginger supplement capsules in the morning and then ate saltines with raspberry ginger ale.
  • iamti2ger: deep breathing exercises and chocolate lol [Heather note: sadly, I’ve been avoiding chocolate because I don’t want to develop an aversion. Chocolate cake, however, is still fine]
  • MissyMuzz : I have a palatable cereal delivered to me in bed it works a treat raises blood sugars enough and gives me a little energy. also a small snack when you go for ur pre dawn 4am pee works wonders.

So, what, if anything worked for you?

ps I learned that you can actually subscribe to cereal from Amazon and other foods to deliver certain quantities monthly (get a 6-pack every month and its a deal). If you’re going through it like I was, it’s a worthwhile option.

This post was totally not sponsored, but if you click through to the amazon links, we may get a few cents. Thanks and feel better!

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Inside Julian’s closet: shoes New 2020

Inside Julian’s closet: shoes

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For those of you with upright walkers, we’re wondering: Where do you buy your child’s shoes?

Our nearest local mom-and-pop children’s shoe store (the one where people actually help you and know things about kids, development, feet, and merchandise) has closed, leaving us with a few boutiques that carry a small selection of shoes, Target, and The Internet.

In my family, we’ve turned to the Web: mostly Zappos and Amazon. Julian was not picky about his clothing in the past, which allowed us to dress him in jeans, hipster t-shirts, Converse shoes, Vans, and other styles that reflected our own urban/skater taste. Then, he discovered sports, and now he wants to wear only sweatpants or worse — sweat shorts — and his “sprinting shoes”. I’m in denial that he’s no longer my doll to dress, so his closet continues to hold stuff that I like.

For those of you who don’t want your little dude wearing white sneakers with Diego prancing about on them, here are some ideas for alternatives, a sample of Julian’s current shoe collection.

Maybe a good stocking stuffer? Maybe a good item to have in your back pocket in case you order some plain Converse and your kid whines for decorations. Yes, shoe bling — it’s a thing.

Do you have a go-to kid’s shoe store? What does your kid wear on his feet?

Keyword: Inside Julian’s closet: shoes