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Celebrity Breastfeeding Photos and #Selfies New 2020

Celebrity Breastfeeding Photos and #Selfies

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Celebrity Breastfeeding Photos and #Selfies

This is one model mama who has no issues with public breastfeeding.

Holliday Instagrammed a very raw and beautiful black-and-white image of herself nursing her 3-week-old son Bowie—nipple and all. “I had to capture this moment because today was the first time I was successful at feeding lilBowie [lying] down,” the proud second-time mom (she also has a 10-year-old son named Rilee) captioned the shot.

YASSSS, Tess!! And her fiance Nick Holliday clearly feels the same way, because he posted the exact same pic to his own Instagram feed. “Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about feeding your child, wherever that may be,” he wrote in the caption. “And for the women out there who can’t breastfeed, don’t let anyone make you feel bad about that either.”

What an amazing couple. Keep up the awesome inspo!

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Celebrity Breastfeeding Photos and #Selfies

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