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Central European Destinations to Visit As Soon As You Can Travel Again

Central European Destinations to Visit As Soon As You Can Travel Again

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Central European Destinations to Visit As Soon As You Can Travel Again ”

Europe is an amazing continent with more than forty different countries that you can visit to experience different cultures, vibes, cuisine, history, activities, and more. Whether you’re looking to party, shop until you drop, or go on unforgettable adventures, Central Europe offers everything that you need to plan the ultimate adventure. Since it’s so easy to cross the border into the different countries that are all quite close together by plane, bus, rail (check out to find out everything you need to know about the high-speed trains serving Central Europe) or even car, this could easily become the adventure of a lifetime. Here are some of the best cities to visit. 

Budapest, Hungary:

As one of the most popular cities in Central Europe, Budapest offers a lot of things to see and do. The unique range of attractions and activities to take part in, along with the outstanding nightlife in the city, means that it’s no surprise it’s such a popular option with tourists. The thermal springs in the center of Budapest are one of the most popular attractions; they are open all year round and are easily one of the most popular things to do during the winter months allowing you to relax and take in views of the city from the gorgeous heated water. If you are more of the outdoors type, there is countryside very close to the city where you can find lake cruising, hiking, and other outdoor activities to take part in. 

Berlin, Germany:

From relaxing countryside stays to vibrant city breaks, Germany is a country with something for everybody no matter what kind of adventure you are looking for. The capital city, Berlin, is a must-visit for many people due to the awesome range of things to see and do and the historical connections. There are many awesome tourist attractions from the Brandenburg Gate to the DDR museum and the Berlin Wall that are classed as must-sees. If you enjoy art, the East Side Gallery cannot be missed. 

Vienna, Austria:

When it comes to Central European countries, Vienna is in a league of its own. This city is a staple on and is often referred to as the classical capital of Europe. Located in the gorgeous country of Austria with its mountains and hills, Vienna is known throughout the world as a key hub for classical music, ballet and opera and for being the birthplace of Mozart. Home to some of Europe’s most stunning classical architecture, it’s definitely a place for you if you enjoy the finer things in life. 

Prague, Czech Republic:

With medieval streets to explore filled with hidden gems and some of the cheapest drinks on the continent, it’s no surprise that Prague is a top choice for tourists. The city is one of the best options for partying with tons of awesome restaurants, bars, and clubs, but it’s also ideal for a weekend shopping break or simply exploring the amazing architecture and sites like the Old Town Square, which has stayed the same since the tenth century.

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Central European Destinations to Visit As Soon As You Can Travel Again

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