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Check it out: Squeezy pouches for medicine delivery (sponsored) New 2020


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Pediacare® is sponsoring a series of posts here and we hope that as we trod through cold and flu season together, you’ll find them useful.

Sometimes a scary news story makes me question myself, even when I know what I’m doing. I keep hearing that acetaminophen is being doled out wrong, even by well-meaning parents and hospital staff. This makes me check the instructions twice and the level on the little plastic cup three times. Do you do that?

A 2010 study found that parents giving children liquid medications often gave too much, especially when the dosing device was a cup instead of a spoon or oral syringe. If I were leaving my sick kid to be medicated by a babysitter or grandparent, I might worry extra about dosing accuracy. Did they check the level on the cup three times?

So I think this single serving Pediacare packet is a pretty good idea, especially for traveling families who want to have some fever-reducing medicine with them just in case.


The pouches are available in two sizes, based weight and age of child, and are a little more like a ketchup packet than your modern-day apple sauce squeeze pouch:

Ages 4-5 or 36-47 lbs. ”“ 7.5 mL per dose
Ages 6-8 or 48-59 lbs. ”“ 10 mL per dose

You’ll find these in your drugstore or grocery chain. Or you can order a box of 7 doses on Amazon (although only when you’re placing a bigger order because they are an “add-on” item.) Make sure to select the age of child for whom you are purchasing them, prioritizing the correct weight over age.

Pediacare single dose fever-reducer and pain reliever

Here’s a little commercial about the pouches where you can see a little girl accept a shot of Pediacare from a single dose packet to get a sense of how they work and feel.

And hey, fans of PediaCare can upload a *squeezable moment* photo of their child (tender, cute or silly) for a chance to become the PediaCare Facebook cover photo, win an iPad Mini, or receive a gift basket filled with PediaCare® goodies.

Though it’s a couple years old, I think I’ll enter this one of Scarlett giving me a squeeze on a Sunday morning outside our house.

Mother daughter shot

For more information check out the Squeezable Moments Sweepstakes on Facebook.

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