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Choose the right kit for eyelash extension

Choose the right kit for eyelash extension

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Choose the right kit for eyelash extension ”

Now a day’s lash extension treatment is more in demand by people to make their eyelashes look attractive. Though there are lots of ways to get eyelashes that look longer like applying mascara, false eyelashes, eyelash transplant, permanent makeup, pharmaceuticals that promotes eyelash growth, or eyelash perms. But the best way to get a longer, attractive, and beautiful eyelash is through lash extension. Generally, eyelash extension includes individual fibers and not strips of lashes just like false lashes. These individual fibers are glued one by one onto your natural eyelashes just for enhancing the appearance of your eyes by giving them length and fullness. 

Eyelash extensions are made up of synthetic fibers, like nylon, and are bonded through glue. The glue is of different types based on the sensitivity of the skin of a person. Silk is also used as a material in eyelash extension. Mink eyelashes are also available which are made up of natural fur. 

 In eyelash extension, these lashes are applied to your natural eyelashes using permanent glue which is safe for your eyes. This glue is safe and will not damage your eyes and it will not damage your natural lash also. Some people have sensitive skin which is prone to allergic reactions so there is the possibility that those people can get allergic reactions with semi-permanent glue. So because of this, there are various types of glues. 

Other than varieties of glue there are also different types of lashes which are based on the length and thickness of the natural lashes of the person. Your eyes are fully closed during the entire lash extension procedure so when the glue is applied to fix natural lash with these individual fiber lash extensions you don’t have to worry that the glue will damage your eyes

Before really going for the treatment make sure that the glue is safe for your eyes so that it does not cause any irritation to your eyes. Took notice that glue which is applied in your lashes like formaldehyde so that it does not harm your eyes.

There is a myth that lash extension will make people blind but this is not the matter. But if you are going to this procedure with the help of a trained professional then you will be safe from danger. He will apply lashes in such a way that will not harm your eyes. And when your eyes are fully closed in the entire treatment then there is no question of you getting blind. 

 Many people go for other methods for making their eyelashes look attractive and beautiful because of the myth that eyelash extension will ruin their natural eyelashes. But in reality, it will not ruin your lashes but only if they are applied correctly. Don’t rub your eyes after the lash extension procedure it will make your lashes fall out. You should always go to a professional for this treatment because lashes are really very sensitive and if you will too an untrained person for this treatment then he will ruin your natural lashes also.  

If you really wanna go for lash extension treatment then choose the Lashify lash extensions kit. This is an award-winning kit for your lash extension treatment which provides you premium quality eyelashes. The kit contains four items that are the fuse control wand, the gossamer lash, bond, and seal, and the last item includes cleanse and remover. 

Benefits of using Lashify lash extensions kit –

  • Saves time – the procedure of lash extension is not so long and will not waste lots of your time. The individual fiber lashes are attaché to your natural eyelashes. After this procedure, you will save a lot of your time that you wasted earlier on your eye makeup. After the lash extension treatment, you don’t need to apply mascara while going for an outing or a party.
  • This kit will enhance your features – this treatment will hide your age and will help you to look younger because it lifts your eyes and adds depth to your face. Some people go for surgical procedures but that procedure can have an adverse effect but the lash extension procedure is safe and will help you to look graceful and youthful. After applying this kit you will never feel that your eyelashes are less attractive.
  • Gives accurate length and volume – many females choose applying mascara for giving their eyelashes a look of long length and volume. But there is a drawback of applying permanent mascara to your eyelashes and that is when you will remove the mascara it’s hard to remove and it will make your natural lashes fall out. But this lashify lash extension kit will not ruin your natural lashes and will give your eyelashes accurate length and volume.

After applying the lashify lash extensions kit you need to keep certain things in your mind like don’t rub your eyes just after the treatment because the glue which is used based on your level of suitability needs some time to settle perfectly. Till 24 hours after applying the kit don’t go for bathing or swimming, as the glue needs some time for settling and water will make it wet and this will result in falling of your lashes.

Lashify lash extensions kit will not affect your eyes, and it will give your eyes an attractive look. This kit requires low maintenance and is water friendly so when the glue is perfectly set then you can go in the water without taking any tension. The kit is available in different types so you can whose the one which will best suit you. The eyelashes kit is also available in different colors so if you want to try something new and innovative then you should go for applying lash extension of a different color. Though there are many lash extension kits available in the market this kit will give your eyes a premium quality look and you will get an appreciation for your pretty eyelashes from everywhere.

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Choose the right kit for eyelash extension

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