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Choosing Your “Forever Home”

Choosing Your “Forever Home”

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Choosing Your “Forever Home” ”

Choosing your home’s location is a huge decision that requires months of research and planning. Location always matters. When you’re ready to purchase a home, an issue you do not want to have to worry about is whether or not that home is visible to emergency personnel and delivery drivers – yet, that is a problem that occurs more often than you think.

Issues related to a homeowner’s address are unfortunately very common. Oftentimes, when purchasing a home, we only consider accessibility, such the location of the nearest school or proximity to your job’s office. However, our home’s surrounding is just as important. Searching fruitlessly for a home because the address number is damaged, illegible or missing can be time-consuming and frustrating. In far too many circumstances, Google Maps or Waze may take someone around and around for hours because it isn’t pinned to the correct location. Nevertheless, there is a solution that was created to fix that headache.

eLiT, an LED address box and security system, was designed to improve the problems caused by GPS address issues and house number challenges. This new smart home device solves the various location identification issues that are frequently caused by missing address numbers or mis-pinned addresses. eLiT can reset map pins upon device registration, even without the use of Wi-Fi.

Not only is searching for a house number infuriating, it’s also a safety hazard when emergency services personnel are trying to locate the house as quickly as possible. The minutes first responders spend attempting to properly locate a home can mean the difference between life or death. With a built-in indicator, eLiT automatically flashes red when summoned 911 emergency vehicles are within range. Using this technology, a homeowner could improve their location accuracy tremendously, ensuring they are easy to reach for emergency services.

Food and e-commerce delivery drivers also need to be able to find addresses quickly and accurately. Issues with locating the correct address can mean cold food or delayed packages, driving up costs in the future. Reducing this issue is another way homeowners can remove complications from the ordering process. 

eLiT will automatically flash its lights a designated color when opted-in delivery companies are nearby. This can be especially helpful in rural areas where homes might be set off a significant distance from a road, new developments or old homes that are improperly noted on GPS mapping. eLiT’s accuracy eliminates confusion about the exact location of different residential areas.

Home buying takes time, but the end result is worth it when you have finally settled on your “forever home.” Choosing the location should be a factor, not an issue. So, when you find that home that brings you joy, skip the worry and just seek out a handy device like eLiT.

The product comes from Strategic Innovations, a leader in product development and innovation. The company focuses on uncovering persistent real-world problems and creating new solutions. For more information about eLiT’s capabilities, visit

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Choosing Your “Forever Home”

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