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Cool invention: hangable kid cups by Puj New 2020

Cool invention: hangable kid cups by Puj

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Phillup kid cups by Puj hang on your fridge
I love the idea of color-coded cups hanging exactly on the fridge for children to fill up their own water cups. So simple that it is brilliant. Buy now for about $28 on amazon >

If your house is like mine, used cups collect around the house and on the kitchen counter throughout the day. These hangable cups solve that problem. Clean freaks, rejoice!

Additionally, promoting independence (not to mention water drinking) makes me happy.

Tell me what you think. The Puj PhillUp calls itself the world’s first hangable kid cup. You hang it at a height where kids can reach, and it is easily reusable and color-coded for less mess and less mix-up. My husband and I would certainly celebrate using only one cup per kid per day.


Check it on amazon and pick up a two-pack or four-pack. Snazzy colors and clean design, ftw!

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