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Cost Analysis of Paternity Cost In-depth and How to Know the Best for Your Family

Cost Analysis of Paternity Cost In-depth and How to Know the Best for Your Family

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Cost Analysis of Paternity Cost In-depth and How to Know the Best for Your Family ”

A paternity test is the most reliable way to determine if a specific person is the father of a particular child. Through the study of genetic code found in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), this lab test can identify the parent-child relationship with 99.9 percent accuracy.

Anyone can take paternity tests for personal satisfaction. However, they are often brought up in legal cases such as child custody and child support. By referring to these tests’ results, either party in a case can define the responsibilities that an alleged father may or may not have towards their offspring.

If you need to turn to this procedure for personal reasons or legal liability, you must learn about paternity test cost details. Finding this information can be difficult, but it’s not impossible when you have access to the right resources.

How Much Does a Paternity Test Cost?

Various factors can affect the cost of your paternity test. It’s critical to learn about each of them to make an informed decision.

Main Factor: The Purpose 

The cost of a paternity test mainly depends on its purpose. 

As such, if you buy a paternity test for personal reasons, the average cost can go upwards of $150. But if you purchase a paternity test for legal obligations or proof, the average cost can range over $350. 

Common Factor: The Setting

Another common factor that influences test costs is the setting. 

You can get a home paternity test kit for an average cost of $20. But you then have to pay upwards of $130 to submit the collected samples to a lab and get actual results. This brings about the paternity test cost with home sample collection to just over $150. 

Comparatively, a paternity test that’s done for personal reasons but where the sample collection is performed by professionals can cost higher. It can go upwards of $175 on an average basis.

Critical Factor: The Legal Status

It’s also critical to know that any paternity test done for personal purposes is not legally admissible. Only those tests with an approved witness and documentation are held up in court.

This means that whether you buy a home paternity kit or book a test at a laboratory, it would not be of legal help without an approved witness. That’s why those laboratories that offer legally admissible tests cost additional charges for these services.

As mentioned above, the paternity test cost for legal purpose procedures can go over $350. This cost can often run much higher and depends upon aspects such as your area of residence and your chosen facility.

Which Test is Best for Your Family?

If you want to take a paternity test for personal satisfaction, you can purchase a home testing kit and send the samples to a laboratory. In case you want the collection procedure to be done professionally, you can book an appointment at a nearby lab. This particular choice depends upon your convenience.

However, if you need to submit your paternity test in court, it must be performed at a lab with an approved witness facility. Otherwise, your evidence won’t hold up in court and may cause additional problems for you.

By keeping this information in mind, you can easily select a paternity test that’s best for your family.

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Cost Analysis of Paternity Cost In-depth and How to Know the Best for Your Family

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