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Create a personalized paper doll set New 2020

Create a personalized paper doll set

My stepmom, whose creative gifts have been documented here before, made this adorable paper doll set for Scarlett’s birthday.

She had Scarlett pose for a photo in her bathing suit against a wall. She printed the results on photo paper and cut mini-Scarlett out to create the “doll”. Then, she hand drew clothes on white card stock with a Sharpie.

She cut the clothes out and put the doll and her clothing all in a little box with tissue.

I love the look of the whole thing, plus holding an 8″ tall Scarlett in my hand looks really cool.

The idea came from this site. Grandma did not make a way for the clothes to stick to the doll, but we discussed a version that’s printed on magnetic printer paper so that the clothes would stick to the doll and they all could stick to the fridge or a cookie sheet. (Magnetic printer paper is sold at office supply stores and on amazon.)

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