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Create a princess tutu New 2020

Create a princess tutu

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Girl parents, I know: you didn’t think your little baby, so bald and androgynous for a whole year, would begin crawling, walking, then talking about princesses and demanding tutus — but it happened. Well, you just have to learn to live with it. But here’s an easy project – no sewing or glue – that will allow you to make a tutu in lightning speed. So you’ll have more time to spend lecturing your daughter on other, non-princess, career paths she might consider, like software engineer or urban planner.

Bonus for those who need an outing with their new baby (hit the fabric store) and a surprise to share with a little girl (or boy, although my son will not put on a dress even for dress up but says when he grows up he is going to be a daddy and a ballet dancer). Emily, a rookie mom to 10-month old Logan, highlighted this amazingly simple tutorial. You can make a tutu with just some strips of tulle (that’s light-weight fine netting fabric for you non ballerina types).

My son and I have made this tutu as a gift for several little girls’ birthday parties.

[photo: courtesy GoPhotography]

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