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Creating a Sleep Sanctuary for Your Baby New 2020

Creating a Sleep Sanctuary for Your Baby

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Creating a Sleep Sanctuary for Your Baby

Let’s face it: Sleep is at a premium when you have a baby. With late-night nursings, early-morning soothings and everything in between, it’s important to create the most Zen-like space possible. You want a room that is dark when you want it to be, light when you need it, warm enough and, most important, comfortable for you as well as your child.

Designer Paige Rien has made children’s sleep her business. Known best for her role on HGTV’s Hidden Potential, Rien also runs her own design firm, and she’s been working with sleep specialist Nicole Johnson of Baby Sleep Site ( to create an optimal slumber hub for kids. “I am really passionate about kids’ spaces, nurseries and spaces that address family needs. My philosophy is that every family is different, and every kid’s space is different,” says the mother of two boys, ages 1 and 3. “We have to make spaces for ourselves that really work for how we live, what we prefer, what makes us happy, what makes us tick.”

Rien shared the following tips on how to create a dreamland for your child.

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Creating a Sleep Sanctuary for Your Baby

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