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Deals on Olaf, Anna, and Elsa: FROZEN costumes for kids New 2020

Deals on Olaf, Anna, and Elsa: FROZEN costumes for kids

Frozen costumes for kids are great for Halloween and all year long, amirite? Why should kids only wear their costumes once per year?

Kids Character Jackets – 2 Styles! – $14.99
Retail Price: $49.99
You Save: $35.00

Who doesn’t want to be Elsa every day? Or at least wear it at your own FROZEN birthday party!

Here are the other FROZEN costumes I’ve located across the web.olaf-costume

Olaf Costumes

The kids’ Olaf costume. (Seen above) comes in sizes from 12-months to size 6.

It’s exactly what my kids love: the costume covers their whole body, including the head. It’s about $25 and it looks warm and cuddly, too. (Perfect for offering Olaf’s trademarked “warm hugs”.)

It is cute as heck and many sizes are less than $10 on Amazon. I’m tempted to convince both my kids to be Olaf!

Now if you have a willing older sibling or parent who wants to be a snowman to accompany a FROZEN princess, and is not concerned about the details, like Olaf’s wide eyes and slightly hooked nose, less expensive, generic snowman costumes can be found. This toddler snowman is $14.99 at Amazon. This one for Dad is $24. Moving on.

Elsa Costumes

Links to all the best deals on Frozen costumes and dress-up items.From

 around $15.

Anna Costumes


There are generally two Anna costumes to choose from: her blue dress and the coronation dress, which is black and gold. links: Blue long-sleeve Anna dress for preschoolers at; Coronation dress at; Blue long-sleeve Anna dress for girls 7-8

More bang for your buck: This combo pack of Anna + Elsa dresses will put both flavors of FROZEN in your dress-up box for twenty bucks. If you have two kids between 4 and 6, this is the deal for you.

You might also do okay in the toy aisle at Target, but the inventory is very unreliable. Let me know what you find there.

And finally, the less discriminating FROZEN fanatic may enjoy this trunk which includes an inexpensive take on both dresses, with accessories. Great gift, plus, you’re covered for Halloween. About $25 for everything you see here. Click on the image to check availability. As of this writing, free shipping for Prime members.
Where to buy FROZEN costumes

We totally love to buy all our costumes at Amazon, because we can also buy sweatpants, mouthwash, and cereal without leaving the house!

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