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Debunking the Most Common Myths About a Private School Education ”

Where your child will receive their education is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. The ramifications of what they experience are enough to leave most parents up at night hoping they get it right. 

Among the choices available, the most fundamental is to go private or public. But is there a choice to make at all? 

Surely those who can consider private schools already know who they are, right? Aren’t they just for rich or religious people?

Well, those and other private school education misconceptions are what we are going to show you are simply not true over the course of this article. 

How many myths will you find that you believed beforehand?   

Private Schools Are for the Rich 

It is fair to say that when most think of private schools, they think of an elite, chosen few of whom the privilege of going was never in any doubt. But private school education isn’t the home only to the rich. 

A thing that private schools value above all is having a diverse range of students, preparing them for the real world. Private schools have worked hard to take away the stigma of being non-inclusive to those with lower incomes. Financial aid programs have been a real boost increasing opportunities, and there are of course scholarships available in most cases.

There are also school choice laws available in many states. What is openly available to you may vary from state to state but a variety of education savings accounts, school vouchers, and more go their way to bust the myth that private education is only for wealthy people.

All Private Schools Are Religious 

While many private schools have their roots in religion that doesn’t mean that all of them are. In fact according to one study schools that were not affiliated with any religion makeup 51.4% of independent schools in Canada. 

Even for those that are, many do not make it a requirement for entry and do not include things such as prayer or choir practice on the curriculum. This has lead many who chose not to follow a religion to feel free in sending their children to a school that they are confident will provide the best education possible for their children, without concerns of them being subject to intended conversions. 

Private School Education Creates a Stressful Environment

The main reason many parents decide to send their children to private schools is in the knowledge that they will receive the best education possible. But could it be that the perceived expectations of being sent to private school can create a pressure cooker environment? 

Well, children in private schools will indeed be under pressure, but the biggest issue does not go further than the typical concerns of most children. In fact, private schools are often an escape from many of the pressures that some youngsters face particularly bullying.

Academically speaking, however, it is fair to say that private schools come out on top when it comes to easing much of the children’s stress. 

The smaller classrooms enjoyed by private schools allow for more attention for each child. That way those that are particularly gifted can be coached to achieve the best that they can. It also allows for those who encounter difficulties to receive greater help, leading to better results.

This is shown in the statistics. One study showed the student/teacher ratio to be 11.9 in private schools compared to 16.2 in public institutions. 

So if you are to send your child to private school you can at least be safe in the knowledge that your child will receive the support that they need.

Private School Make Up Their Own Rules 

This misconception about private school education is often connected to the idea that rich families are behind the education received, leading to an anything-goes attitude. But the idea that private schools live in a bubble away from the rules and regulations is mistaken.

Private schools require their teachers to be certified and are accredited according to the country that they are in. They also need to comply with the same attendance, health and safety, and anti-discrimination laws as other schools do.

They are often under greater scrutiny when inspected and are subject to the harshest critics of all, the parents. 

All of these factors lead to schools with strong principles and standards, which often outshine those of their public counterparts.

Only for Geniuses or Children With Challenges

If you only take the time to look for the right private school for your child, you soon realize that they are numerous differences between them.

The idea that there are only two extremes, varying from Charles Xavier’s School for gifted children in the popular X-Men series to ones that are set up to help special cases is simply not the case. The goal of most is simply to provide the best education that those enrolled can receive. 

If you are interested in learning about how this is done then check out this post that goes through 4 unique benefits of private school education.

The key for any parent when looking is to find the school that best suits the needs of your child.

Proudly Looking After Our Future

Those who are involved in private school education have a hefty responsibility. The good news for any parent is that it is one that they take seriously. With this in mind, it’s clear that private schools should be a serious consideration for parents everywhere. 

We hope that you have enjoyed this insight into the world of private schools. For more great informative content for parents check out the rest of our site!

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Debunking the Most Common Myths About a Private School Education

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