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Design Transformations that Make a Big Impact

Design Transformations that Make a Big Impact

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Design Transformations that Make a Big Impact ”

Interior designs are central to the ambience of a home. They combine a lot of functional and aesthetic installations to achieve different styles. Interior designers specialize in creating indoor environments that meet the needs and preferences of the resident. There are several installations that have a huge impact on interior design. Some are extensive fittings while others are subtle. Transforming these installations also goes a long way in house renovations. Here are few design transformations that make a big impact in living spaces.

The Floor

The floor occupies a huge chunk of a living space. Although the floor rests beneath our feet, it’s hard to keep it out of your visual field. Therefore, flooring designs must be perfect to achieve a satisfactory interior look. Flooring options include ceramic tiles, wood, vinyl, natural stone tiles and laminate flooring. Wood has a natural look that makes for a cozy space. Natural stone also offers an elegant natural look with a unique feel. Ceramic tiles are versatile and are often manufactured to meet custom needs. Vinyl and laminate are inexpensive and can mimic other flooring options. For more detailed styling, carpets are used to enhance aesthetic appeal, insulate the floor and demarcate the layout in the living space. Carpets come in a wide range of materials designed for different feels. They also have varied colours making them assets in colour combinations for interior styling

The Walls

Walls take up the most surface area in any living space. They offer an extensive canvas to explore different design options. The first wall transformation that has a huge impact on interior design is paint. The wall colour determines the ambience of a living space. Soft colours have a calming effect and create a cozy feeling while vibrant colours are perfect for entertainment rooms and playrooms. Colour combinations can be used to create accent walls.

Wall paintings are subtle installations that have a great impact on interior designs. They are often used to tie all the wall designs together. Huge paintings serve as centerpieces and draw a lot of attention. They are great on plain extensive walls. Smaller paintings and framed photos are used to add accent to the wall surfaces and can be combined to create unique collages. Wallpapers also allow installation of huge art pieces on wall surfaces. The wallpapers have 3D options that create texture on the wall

Furniture Pieces

Aside from serving functional purposes, furniture pieces also enhance the design of a living space. Sofas are more than sitting areas. The colour and type of fabric on your sofa weighs in on the overall design of your living space. Sofas occupy a large visual field in the living room area. Therefore, it’s important to get the design right. Other furniture pieces that style an interior space include dining sets, coffee tables and cabinets. In kitchen areas, cabinets occupy a large surface area and determine the design of the space.


Lighting designs make or break indoor spaces. They are the final touch that solidify the styling in a living space. Soft lights are great for lounge areas and bedrooms while coloured lights perform well in entertainment rooms and play areas. Accent lights are also great for adding character to a living space and versatility. Standing lamps and reading lights are adjunct to the ceiling installations. Chandeliers also enhance interior designs and evoke a feeling of elegance. Staircase lighting and mirror lighting are subtle fittings with a huge effect


There are numerous fittings you can add to a living space to enhance the aesthetics and interior styling. Potted plants are great for drawing the calming feel of nature. They also contribute to the colour design and add character to a space. Other eye-catching installations you can have in your interior space include; statues and vases,

Interior spaces are versatile and there is no limit to what you can do. All you need is a bit of creativity and enough courage to see your ideas through.

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Design Transformations that Make a Big Impact

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