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Different Types Of Water Filtration Systems For Your House

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Different Types Of Water Filtration Systems For Your House ”

As more people become concerned about the quality of the water they are drinking, they are often looking for ways to filter that water. Although the town or city that filters your water that comes out of your tap will do a good job, they often use substantial amounts of chlorine to fight contaminants including bacteria and viruses. In order to make this more drinkable, this water must go through a filtration system that is separate from what these municipalities will do. Here are the different types of water filtration systems that would be perfect for your household.

Granular Activated Carbon

This is perhaps the most popular of all water filtration systems that are designed to be small and easy to install. It is very similar to activated carbon block filtration systems, but it has the difference of using granules of carbon instead of a solid piece of this material. The granules are exceptional at helping to remove odors, and can also help in the removal of chlorine. Therefore, if you are only concerned about the drinking water that you have coming out of your tap, GAC systems would likely be the best and most economical choice.

Reverse Osmosis

This is an advanced technology that uses what is called a semi-permeable membrane. It is capable of taking out inorganic contaminants. It is thought to produce the cleanest drinking water of all water filtration systems. It is said that 99% of all contaminants, which will include minerals, can be removed. However, this is not the most economically viable choice. It is actually one of the more expensive ways to filter water. Likewise, it is also one of the slowest processes by which water can be filtered. It is likely best suited for those that are not concerned about the speed of the filtration system, but the quality of the water that they are drinking.  

RO systems come in the portable/countertop variety, or whole house filtration systems.  The technology is also very common in water softener systems.

Activated Carbon Block Filtration Systems

The name of this filtration system is a bit of a misnomer. It is not actually a solid block of carbon. It is a large amount of finely powdered carbon that sticks together courtesy of a binding agent. Similar to GAC filtration systems, it can remove chemicals, odors, and most contaminants in the water. This is an impressive system for filtering your water as it will remove microscopic cysts and volatile organic compounds. Although it is effective, it is also less costly than more expensive and similarly efficient filtration systems.

Other Types of Systems

There are other water filtration systems that you can use. You can use sediment filters, distillation, ion exchange, and even ultraviolet light disinfection systems. All of these will have different price points and are designed to filter water in various ways, not all of which will include the same level of filtration that can be achieved with more economical systems that have been mentioned. If you are concerned about the water coming into your house, you now have a multitude of options when it comes to water filtration systems that can provide clean drinking water for you.

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Different Types Of Water Filtration Systems For Your House

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