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Disneyland Stroller Rental – Is it worth it or should you bring your own? New 2020

Stroller Rentals at Disneyland

We have been taking our kids to Disneyland & Disney World ever since they were teeny tiny tots. One of the struggles of taking kids to Disneyland is dealing with the stroller. Even if you are lucky enough to live close enough where you can plop the stroller in a car and head to Disneyland you still have to deal with loading them up in the tram (not an easy task) or buses. It makes you wonder if simply doing the Disneyland Stroller Rental is the best option. Well, let’s take a look.

Disneyland Stroller Rental

Should you have a stroller at all?

If you have a child 5 and under the answer is yes. Disneyland involves some serious walking and if you are there all day you typically will walk 8-12 miles in one day. So, for the little ones, that is a serious struggle which means you will be carrying your offspring throughout the park and then paying for some chiropractic care shortly thereafter. Even when our oldest child was 7 and 8 he found his way to sneak into his sister’s stroller for a little break.

Disneyland stroller rental


Disneyland Stroller Rental Location & Prices!

Disneyland uses the Baby Jogger stroller for their rentals. These are very comfortable and easy to move throughout the parks, which is the complete opposite of the Disney World parks which use the big bulky plastic contraptions. You can rent a stroller inside Disneyland and California Adventure, both are conveniently located at the front of the park. The prices are:

  • $15.00 a day for 1 stroller
  • $25.00 a day for 2 strollers

Disneyland does not offer double strollers so if you are going it alone with the kiddos you might want to go with a service like which offers an assortment of baby stroller rentals + other items you might need for your travels with the kiddos.

Disneyland Stroller Rental

Pic Source – Disneyland

Reasons to Rent vs. Bringing your Own

I am definitely more of a type of person to bring my own stroller but sometimes there are reasons you might want to shell out the dough and do the Disneyland stroller rental. Here are the times where I decided to just spend the money rent a stroller.

If you only have an Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella strollers are great for many things, they are lightweight and simple to fold. Disneyland is not the place for one of these strollers. The small wheels constantly get caught in the tracks as you are walking down Main Street. Plus, you want somewhere to store snacks, sweaters, and souvenirs, so you will end up spending the money on a locker instead, might as well have the convenience of a rental.

If your stroller is not very good at turning.

We once had a double stroller which was an enormous pain to turn. With Disney, you are turning all over the place to avoid people. On a trip to Disney World, that stroller snapped in half and we literally had to throw it into the dumpster at Disney World.

To keep your existing stroller in good condition

Some strollers are very expensive, I made my husband buy me a really nice one for our last child and let me tell you something he did not want that thing to get destroyed like all our other strollers.

Disneyland is the destruction zone for strollers in my opinion. Everything sticky and gooey somehow finds its way into the stroller and you end up with some nice Mickey Ice Cream Bar stains on your once beautiful stroller.

girl lollipop at disneyland

source global munchkins

Tips on Using a Stroller in Disneyland!

  1. If you rent, keep your receipt!
    If for some reason you misplace your rental, you can easily get another stroller if you simply keep your receipt.
  2. Your Stroller will be moved while you are on a ride
    I really don’t know why but so many times I park my stroller in the “stroller parking” area only to find my stroller has been moved. I have really no idea why the cast members insist on constantly moving strollers but they must have a reason behind their madness. So just be aware someone probably didn’t take off with your stroller, it’s probably just a row over.
    disneyland stroller parking
  3. Be prepared to collapse your stroller for boarding trams, trains, trolleys or buses. Don’t bog down that bottom of the carriage of your stroller until you know that you won’t be heading on any transportation for a while, otherwise you will be doing the last minute scramble to pull everything out from underneath. PRO TIP – On the tram you can leave the stroller as in on the last cart of the train (but sometimes it’s a long wait)
  4. Park and walk to parades
    stroller parking Disneylans

    Source Mercury News

    Unless you are sitting in the front row of a parade (which means you waited for quite some time to stake out your spot) it will be nearly impossible for your kid to see the show from the stroller. Simply park in one of the stroller parking zones and head to the parade.


Will you rent a stroller on your next trip to Disneyland?

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