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Do NOT take your little ones to see Cars 2 New 2020

Do NOT take your little ones to see Cars 2

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Before you heed my warning, let me provide a little context. I have seen the original PIXAR Cars movie dozens and dozens of times. When my sons, now 4 and 6, can’t agree on anything else for family movie night, we watch Cars. I took my then 18 month-old to see Cars in the theater as his first toddler movie-going experience; that was a bad idea for other reasons, but the movie is sweet, simple, not scary, and has a positive message of friendship.

Ummm, why are they running for their lives?

So, why not take your toddler or young preschooler to see Cars 2?

  1. Guns. Lots and lots of guns. Shooting. Killing. You don’t want your kiddo to see gun violence, stay away from this movie. You don’t care so much? Read on.
  2. Complicated plot. Way too confusing. If you replaced the animated cars with human actors, this could be a regular semi-decent spy thriller. Children do not understand the difference between Big Oil and bio-fuel nor should they have to.
  3. Lacking all charm and positive messaging. Actually, if you are an adult really looking for these things, you will find two different throw-away lines about standing by your friends and being yourself. But those lines are buried. Buried by guns.

I took my sons to see this movie on the first Saturday matinee showing. They said they loved it but didn’t understand lots of it. My four year-old had nightmares for two nights after.

Don’t take my word for it. As of this writing, Cars 2 has scored 33% fresh on, the worst score for any Pixar movie. According to, 74% of parent-reviewers say that violence is an issue and they recommend it for ages 8 and up.

So, if you saw Cars 2 already, do you agree with my assessment? If you haven’t, did I sway your opinion?

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