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Easy chalkboard paint projects New 2020

How to paint a chalkboard "bubble" on the wall

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While my kids were out of the house one day, I got a little crazy crafty and painted their bedroom door. It was previously all dark wood, which I didn’t like anyway, so I painted the trim white and the inner panel with black chalkboard paint. I was influenced by my Internet friend Amy, who painted an outdoor chalkboard door at her house.

Chalkboard door for kids room and other chalkboard paint ideas

Doing the lettering is a whole other story. That day, I posted on Instagram, “That chalk art shit you see in restaurants is way harder than it looks.

This month, I saw all this good stuff from Colorhouse Paint, who makes chalkboard paint in a variety of lovely colors.


I liked this simple decoration of a wall which could be for a nursery or a home office. Or even better, for those who are using one room for two purposes, this could be a nice way to mark the space with personality for each function. Tutorial here >

How to paint a chalkboard "bubble" on the wall

How in the heck do you paint a circle on the wall? This tutorial has a little string trick that can help.

Use a chalkboard wall as ever-changing wallpaper

I love this arrow wall because it’s like having wallpaper that you could change every few months. And, after scouring the chalk art on Pinterest and nearly hyperventilating from the level of difficulty, I appreciate how great this simple motif looks. Here’s the tutorial >

Colorhouse paint is no VOCs and no toxins. Find it in many colors on Amazon>



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