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Everything You Need to Know About The LEGO Movie World at LEGOLAND California

Everything You Need to Know About The LEGO Movie World at LEGOLAND California

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LEGOLAND California Resort reopened with the most awesome theme park addition…The LEGO Movie World. Inspired by The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, The LEGO Movie World immerses families in the LEGO movie universe, placing them right on the streets of Bricksburg. The new land is vibrant and expansive, reimagining the most memorable parts of the film into engaging attractions. LEGOLAND California Resort is open, and here is what you need to know about the new LEGO Movie World, now open in Carlsbad, California.


LEGO Movie World

The LEGO Movie World

Based on the blockbuster films The LEGO® Movie™ and The LEGO® Movie™ 2: The Second Part, the new land fully immerses guests into the LEGO movie universe and places them onto the streets of Bricksburg. Fans of The LEGO Movie will appreciate the intricate detail and faithful semblance to the characters, adventures, and landmarks prominent in the film. As the park’s largest addition, families will experience six new and re-imagined attractions including the following:

Emmets Flying Adventure Ride

Emmet’s Flying Adventure Ride

In the original LEGO Movie, Emmet’s Double-Decker Couch, originally designed to increase the number of people watching TV, saves the lives of everyone on the ship of MetalBeard. The second film introduced the triple decker flying couch, which families will hop aboard In Emmet’s Flying Adventure.

The story of this attraction begins at the Invention Convention, where Emmet has designed his own aircraft, the Flying Triple Decker Couch. Surrounded by a full-dome virtual screen, you’ll feel the sensation of flying above your favorite The LEGO Movie lands including Middle Zealand, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Pirates Cove, and the Sistar System. The logistics of the ride have semblances to Soarin’ at Disney California Adventure Park.

Emmet’s Flying Adventure features cutting edge technology and 40 different special effects. And while you don’t wear glasses during this immersive attraction, the experience is multi-sensory and features the sights, sounds, and scents of The LEGO Movie.

Unikittys Disco Drop

Unikitty’s Disco Drop

Unikitty’s Disco Drop is visibly outstanding. Inspired by the character from The LEGO Movie, the twin drop tower stands at 35 feet and offers 360-degree views of the park. In the movie, the unicorn-horned cat is cute and optimistic but has an angry dark side. As you look up, you’ll see Unikitty’s face change based on what guests experience on the ride. Unikitty’s constant emotion fluctuation mirrors that of the younger sister in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.

The ride launches kids and adults up the tower to the top of Cloud Cuckoo Land where they are dropped and bounced back to the ground while the seats spin around the tower. Unikitty’s Disco Drop is thrilling but absolutely appropriate for adults and kids who meet the height requirement.

Queen Watevras Carousel

Queen Watevra’s  Carousel

Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi is the shapeshifting alien queen of the Systar System and the inspiration for the newly redesigned carousel (formerly Mia’s Riding Camp). In the second film, the queen appears as a horse, and the carousel features a colorful array of purple, pink, green, and blue horses, designed to be her other iterations.

Benny’s Playship

The towering spaceship-themed climbing structure was inspired by Benny, the 1980s spaceman in The LEGO Movie. The structure stands at 40 feet and features a twisty slide, perfect for kids looking to get in some playtime.

Build Watevra You Wa’Na Build

Every single time my kids visit LEGOLAND California, we end up spending time building. LEGOS are still their favorite toy, and there are plenty of spaces for kids to demonstrate their creativity throughout the park. This new build zone features several spaces where kids can build “whatever they want to” out of LEGO bricks as they aspire to be Master Model Builders.

Emmets Super Suite
Benny The LEGO Movie

Emmet’s Super Suite

Families now have a dedicated space to meet their favorite characters from The LEGO Movie. The Super Suite is a recreation of Emmet’s apartment which is emblematic of his minimalist lifestyle and features his couch. Socially-distanced photos/meet-and-greets are available with Emmet, Wyldstyle, Spaceman Benny, and General Sweet Mayhem. There is also a green screen photo opportunity with the option to purchase the photos.

Everything is Ramen

What to Eat at The LEGO Movie World

There are three new food and beverage locations at The LEGO Movie World. Grab your favorite crepes at Cloud Cuckoo Crepes, enjoy homemade ramen and rice bowls at Everything is Ramen!, and fuel up on snacks and drinks at Benny’s Rocket Fuel.

Shopping at The LEGO Movie World

Take a part of The LEGO Movie World home with you when you shop at The Awesome Shop. The store features The LEGO Movie merchandise including LEGO sets, t-shirts, mugs, and the infamous Awesome Sauce.

The LEGO Movie World LEGOLAND California

The LEGO Movie World – Need to Know

Entrance to The LEGO Movie World is included with LEGOLAND California park admission. Due to the current recommendations in place due to COVID-19, all guests must make a park reservation online prior to their visit at

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