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Everything you should to know about CSGO betting

Everything you should to know about CSGO betting

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Everything you should to know about CSGO betting ”

Betting has become part of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s routine. The game is no one of the most vibrant representatives of the betting industry due to its in-game cosmetic items. Players could freely wager their skins through different third-party sites with just a couple of limitations. The doubtful ethics and legality of the game eventually resulted in some lawsuits, an FTC investigation, and a crackdown from csgoeasybets publisher Valve that literally eliminated skin betting. At the same time, skin betting normalized gambling in a way that turned it into the most exciting game in all of esports. Here are some aspects to know about CSGO betting.

Map-specific winners

The standard form of betting in CSGO is to predict the next winner. Apart from multiple CSGO’s official games being played in best-of-three series, there are also options for predicting the winners of each particular game in a series. While this is a common thing in other esports as well as traditional sports, things are different in CSGO due to the fact that users have to deal with different maps. Bettors can look for patterns in map drafts to find out how the teams might fight against each other and how their strategies might drag the other into an uncomfortable environment.

Maps involved in a series handicaps

A wide range of series in CSGO is contested in the best-of-three way, meaning 2.5 over/under handicapping on the general number of maps played in a popular series. In a best-of-three environment, this functionally is limited to the fact whether the series will be a sweep with the “over” paying off or not. This can also be presented in a different way if bookies provide an action on “odds or evens” for the total number of maps played in a series.

Final score of a series

Choosing the exact score of a series can provide considerable value when looking to bet on a favorite option. This can see a fairly important favorite that still pays out underdog money.

Number of maps taken by a team in a series

The same line can be demonstrated in different ways by a bookmaker. The best example of this includes bets related to the number of maps taken by a team during a series of games. For instance, the best-of-three series between Natus Vincere and Team Liquid makes oddsmakers provide the option of choosing the number of maps every team can win during the series.

Gaming sessions won on a map handicap

CSGO games take place in the course of 30 rounds, with the first team involving 16 rounds on the map. Similar to “spreads” in classical sports, betting can be increased or decreased by establishing a margin of points for favorite teams. There is a similar thing about CSGO betting where bets can be based on the number of rounds when the underdog can win.

Different betting platforms offer the ability to choose one’s own spread for games, with different levels of risk and bonuses. Similar to the final score in a series bets, it is a great way to find value for rolling with a decisive favorite.

The majority of tournaments have overtime, though particular events enable maps to end in a draw. The best example of this is the BLAST Pro Series, which has earlier enabled draws during the group stage.

Map pistol round 1 and 2 winner

CSGO titles are divided into two parts, with each team involving 15 rounds on offense and 15 on defense. Each half is started with a “pistol round,” where players have a minimal amount of money. All these rounds are significant in terms of establishing an advantage both in the direct and psychological aspects. That leads to special treatment from bookies, with many lines on which player wins pistol session for any map or some other bonuses.

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Everything you should to know about CSGO betting

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