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Fairy doors make ordinary walks into magic New 2020

Fairy Door - How To

Fairy Door - How To

Taking a walk outdoors consistently offers mood-changing vibes to cranky little people, even from their earliest days on this planet.

Toddlers who can do their own walking do so with more pride outdoors. But at some point, children are not as easily manipulated into going on something as vague as a walk and they want to know why, or what the payoff will be.

Fairy doors are kid-friendly payoff for taking a stroll outdoors

Fairy doors are tiny entry ways that have been architected in all manner of styles to imply that a fairy might live on the other side of the door. Generous souls have either crafted or purchased and installed these doors to bring a moment of wonder to those who pass by.

I’m sort of obsessed with fairy doors and if I wasn’t running this website and this one already, I might want to create an online registry for Fairy Doors where folks can log their locations, so those of us who need daily therapeutic walks could hunt them down.

For now, you’ll have to use Google and hope that a local journalist has covered the topic in your area. Search “fairy door (your city)” to see if there’s information you can use.

Finding a fairy door is an opportunity to talk about what magical land might be on the other side of the door.

Making your own Fairy Doors

Finding and making fairy doors

Last summer I wanted to make a fairy door with my daughter, but I worried that her high expectations would make it disappointing, so I put the project on the back burner. But here’s what I learned:

Fairy Door Kits

Shortcut: This Fairy Door kit on Etsy has everything you need to be successful. It’s actually positioned as a Tooth Fairy Door. Cute idea.

Fairy Door Kits

Where to buy pre-made Fairy Doors

Michael’s arts and craft stores has miniatures at reasonable prices. On their website, I see complete fairy doors, but I think in the store I’ve seen ones that you’d want to paint, like the ones above.


Use Fairy Doors to entice your kid on a walk

This simple one is from


This Fairy Window is on Etsy.

Fairy Doors from Etsy

This Fairy Door is also from Etsy

Now plant these doors strategically around your home and neighborhood and then lure your child out in search of one. Do you think it will work?

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