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Five tips on how to become a happy student’s mom ”

As a mom, I bet you can relate to how fast kids grow; one minute, they’re these little humans, and the next thing you know, they’re college. So how do you ensure that you’re a happy student’s mom? How do you deal with the homework tantrums that scream, “somebody Fix my essay?” How do you ensure that you give a helping hand without taking over their young adult lives?

Being a parent and having to watch from a distance is hard because most of the time, you have all the answers. It’s essential to let your child live out their life because college determines the kind of adult they will be. 

Even though you’re the mom, your child is entitled to choice because it’s through their actions that they learn the path they want to take. 

So how do you strike a balance between showing up for your child without overtaking their lives?

Let’s find out!



We have heard the phrase “mama knows best” so many times but does it always right true? Sure, parents have more life experience than their children, but does this nullify the experience of your child? Certainly not. 

As a mom, it’s important that you learn to listen to your child. Most parents think they’re listening, when in reality, they hold assumptions of what they think their children want. This can greatly dent a relationship that has never been on the rocks before. 


  • Allow your Child to Make Mistakes


The truth is, all humans are prone to making mistakes. Even though as a parent, you want the best for your child, you should give them room to make mistakes. Your child will never learn the life lessons they need if they don’t make mistakes. 



This is very hard for many moms because parents always what to know what their kids are up to. Respecting your child’s privacy helps build trust between you two. This allows them to come to you when they’re in trouble.


  • Create time for your Child 


Even though your child is now in college, this does not mean they no longer need you. Check on your child regularly because they might just be going through a situation that requires adult advice.


  • Don’t Shy away from correcting them 


In as much as you want your child to chart their own path in life, it’s your responsibility to call them out when they do wrong. Tolerating bad behavior might just affect how their future turns out.

Wrapping Up

Every mom knows that parenting never ends when a child becomes an adult. As a mum to a child who is in college, it’s good to learn how to parent in a way that allows your child to be their own person. When your child is happy, it goes without saying that you’ll be happy as well. 

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Five tips on how to become a happy student’s mom

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