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Freaking simple kid and baby clothes. Finally. New 2020

Plain, solid colored baby clothes

The company Primary, which sells affordable baby and kid clothes with no logos, animals, or sayings on them, might be on my top ten list of “Where was this when I first had a baby?”

Plain, solid colored baby clothes

I love a plain, solid-colored garment, and they are so stinkin’ hard to find! Primary sells onesies, leggings, tshirts, tunics, and more, all in dead simple designs.

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I love customizing clothes for babies and kids, and I’m happy to see there is a new source for blank slates.

Finally! Solid colored baby bodysuits

I mean, one quick Sharpie session and that orange bodysuit will be a newborn Jack ‘O Lantern costume.

Here are six different styles of baby clothes decorating I’ve embarked on in the past.

Customized baby shirt - homemade

Scrappy-style felt with visible stitching. (My friend Nila made the one pictured.)

Using iron-on adhesive to make a design with other fabric.

Buy and sew on a million cute buttons.

Tie-dye (linking to my friend Wendolonia’s comprehensive tutorials)

Use stencils and fabric paint. (I include tips on how to make your project not suck.)

A faux neck-tie tshirt with zigzag stitches.

Are you happy to see a new source for plain baby clothing? Primary clothes go up to size 10 for big kids.

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