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Fresh Strawberry Scones Recipe – 24/7 Moms

Fresh Strawberry Scones Recipe - 24/7 Moms

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One of my favorite things I look forward to every September is going to our state’s fairground. My kids love the amusement rides and my husband loves checking out the shows and concerts. But my favorite thing is the Fisher Fair Scones.

The Fisher Fair Scones have been a family favorite. It has also been a long-standing tradition across the Northwest to go to the fair and enjoy these freshly warm baked goods.

Who can resist the fresh-baked goodness that is smeared with butter and a delicious raspberry jam?

Thankfully we can enjoy these scones all year round by purchasing Fisher Original Fair Scone & Shortcake Mix locally, online, or at Amazon!

Sadly, our state’s fair has been closed this year due to COVID-19. However, that doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy these delicious scones. I decided this time to put a twist on these famous fair scones by adding fresh strawberries.

Try this Strawberry Scone Recipe yourself!

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