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From Charlotte to Miranda in 3 short years New 2020

From Charlotte to Miranda in 3 short years

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I couldn’t help but wonder why Whitney loved the new SATC movie and I hated it. Without giving away any plot spoilers, I can say I had to do some major soul-searching and this is what I came up with…

When I first met Whitney, I was very much a Charlotte: dating, prudish, looking for love.

Oh sure, my husband likes to think I was a Carrie (because she’s cooler, no doubt), but strip away the job as a writer, the fashion, the nightlife, the ability to walk in those heels, and all the men… and only then are we similar. We both like a good brunch with girlfriends, right? And we have naturally curly hair. If anything, I’m a little more like her now with all my writing and wondering.

But now?! Four years after the series ended, and who am I now? Clearly Miranda. Well, the unemployed version of Miranda. I moved to Brooklyn/Berkeley for my baby and my man and am way too controlling. Awesome. Scary.

But, what about the rest of you new moms out there? Has your SATC character stayed the same since the show ended? Why or why not?

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