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Fun Backyard Activities For the Whole Family

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Fun Backyard Activities For the Whole Family ”

Keeping a whole family busy isn’t easy. And well, it takes time to think up new, engaging activities all the time. That’s why it is best to have a list of fun backyard activities and use it whenever you need it.

With backyard activities, you can stop the boredom, but not only. Having fun in a company is getting your family members closer together, and there is nothing better than a strong bond with the loved ones. Children especially need this kind of anchor that keeps them happy and connected to the “pack.”

Kids need fun and entertainment because they get bored quickly, and their young, sharp minds constantly look for something interesting to do. It’s better not to shake things up by leaving kids on their own too often, because they can use their imagination in some crazy, and sometimes dangerous ways. You can easily keep them busy by giving them some safe and creative tasks.

Thinking of something that would also cheer up older family members is a nice thing to do. After all, they need entertainment too! Some activities require an adult’s presence, so you can engage your older children or maybe a partner to help with things like cutting some materials or setting a fire when camping in the backyard.

Here are tips for spending a wonderful day, full of fun backyard activities, with your family:

Have a BBQ

Cooking outside is a great opportunity to engage the whole family in the process of preparation. You can pick the best recipes for a BBQ altogether, and then cut and mix the ingredients. There is no perfect barbeque without the right cooking station, so if you need a hand with picking one, check out

Eating delicious food has always been bringing people together, and nothing changes in this matter for decades. Who knows, maybe sitting outside and chatting over grilled meals can become your new tradition?

You can throw BBQ parties for the whole summer and even in autumn if the weather is nice. Make each of them unique by inviting guests. Devote one week for having your neighbors. The next one can be for a family only. You can also let your kids invite their friends sometime.

Board Games

Video games are fun, but there is nothing as entertaining for the whole family as board games! Ensure that no one is excluded and that the game’s level of difficulty is right both for the adults and the youngest participants.

There are classics like chess, but you can check other more sophisticated ones that can engage not two persons but the whole family. For sure, you’ve heard of the Monopoly, which will gather you all at the one table and bring a lot of joy. A bit of competition would be great for your companions.

Backyard Camping

If you have kids who already want to go on a camping adventure, but you think they are too small for spending a night in the woods, you can let them pitch a tent in a garden. It’s a great idea for small adventurers who can treat it as a preparation camp before the real survival!

Before a night under the sky full of stars, you can organize a picnic for your kids, so they can start the whole adventure with full bellies. Remember to leave them some snacks and the source of light for chatting at night.

The most frightening part of sleeping in a tent outdoor is that there is no other place to go when hearing a weird, scary sound. Spending a night in a garden is way more relaxed, as children can run to their safe and cozy beds at any time.

Decorating the Fence

This one is for those parents who are ready to go mad with their garden’s look, and for those who are quite sure of their kid’s esthetical vision and are not afraid to let their imagination bring some color to the old fence.

Before giving your children brushes, clean the fence from the old paint, and remove any splinters with the sandpaper. Don’t be afraid of finding your fence in a total mess. You can, for example, give your children only paint in different shades of green. Then they can create whatever they want, but your coloristic base will always remain the same.


Some of the activities like BBQ can be held for the whole season, and some, for example, painting a fence, last for a few days. It is enough to keep your family busy for a while until you come up with other ideas.

Check the tips above and see if your family likes them. If so, you can make them a tradition. Who said that one activity couldn’t be repeated several times? Always remember about safety when engaging your little kids and not excluding older siblings, as they want to have fun.

Shared activities will make your family a strong team that loves spending time together. Enjoy!

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Fun Backyard Activities For the Whole Family

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