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General Dentists And Their 5 Treatments!

General Dentists And Their 5 Treatments!

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General Dentists And Their 5 Treatments! ”

There is a person whom we should meet every 6 months or so. Now you must be wondering who is that? That’s right! It’s your dentist. Why do we have to meet a dentist every once in a while? So that we don’t get any oral diseases! Or if there is something wrong with our teeth, it can be treated. If it is left untreated, then you might face a lot of pain. Your work or school routine might be disrupted as well. What general dentists do is that they emphasize on your oral hygiene and help you avoid any diseases. Although, there are many types of dentistry but today I will be sharing information regarding general dentists and their 5 common treatments! Stop grinding your veneers! 

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General Dentist

They are the main source of providing dental care to people of all ages. You might have gone to a dentist for a dental checkup. There, you must have seen that he or she first examines your mouth including gums, teeth, and structures. Then you have a discussion regarding your oral condition. Professional cleaning is done. Not only that but if you have a tooth decay, they would also perform cavity filling in the affected tooth. More or less, these are the things that a general dentist does. If you have a serious problem, then the general dentist would refer you to a specialty dentist who has done specialization in that particular subject. 

Procedures and Treatments Offered:

There are almost 5 common dental procedures that a general dentist performs in their daily lives. If a person has any dental problem, it can be fixed with one of the five procedures. These procedures are:


If you have a tooth decay and cavities, then the dentist performs the filling procedure. Filling is also a procedure used to treat teeth fractures. If a person complains about having a toothache, the first thing a general dentist does is visually examine the tooth with the help of an X-ray to check for cracks or cavities. If the dentist finds any cracks or cavities, then they fill the tooth on the spot. Procedure includes numbing the teeth. Then they use a dental drill to clean the inner part of the tooth. Followed by, washing the tooth with water before sticking it back with a dental filling. The color of the filling depends on the patient. The color choices are golden, silver, or porcelain. Since this is the most common problem faced by people, filling is one of the most common procedures implemented by the general dentist. 

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Tooth Extraction:

When a decayed tooth is not taken care of, then the general dentist removes it. Same happens when an impacted tooth tries to push the gum and fails to do so. The general dentist removes it. If the dentist sees a wisdom tooth who is not making up its mind whether it wants to grow or not, the general dentist removes it. If the tooth aching is above the gum, then the dentist removes it by loosening it from its bone socket and pulling it out. If the tooth aching is under the gum, then the general dentist performs a minor surgery to remove it as it can be more painful than the tooth which is above the gum. 

Dental Implants:

The best way to replace real teeth is to have dental implants. In order to do so, you have to undergo a minor surgery so that the implants can be placed into your jawbone. The process is time consuming. You have to go through many procedures and it takes a few months to complete it. But, the end results are great. You have permanent artificial teeth. The implants work just as if they are real. 


If your teeth are not straight and aligned, then you might get braces. If they are not aligned, you might feel pain in your jaw. With the help of braces, your teeth will be positioned in a way that will make them aesthetically pleasing. Braces can also be used to overcome problems such as bad bites which can make it hard for you to eat or drink. 

Always make sure that you have regular dental checkups in order to ensure your oral hygiene.  Even if there is a problem, the general dentists are there to eliminate it on the spot. Now, you don’t even have to worry about the pain. Due to the advancement in technology, there are machines designed to perform the procedure smoothly and without any pain!

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General Dentists And Their 5 Treatments!

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