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Get kids to listen without yelling {FREE class} New 2020

How to get kids to listen without yelling

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How to get kids to listen without yellingWe are so happy to tell you that we have partnered with Amy McCready’s company Positive Parenting Solutions to bring a free webinar to you guys on the topic of getting kids to listen – without nagging or yelling. The format includes Amy presenting material and a live chat session where we can all ask questions in real time.

We have taken similar online parenting classes with Amy in the past and both really enjoyed it. Each time, I feel empowered with new ideas for positive discipline solutions (and a commitment to stop yelling completely. Ahem.).

This valuable class will take place anytime you pick.
Parents of kids ages 2½ – 16 will learn:

  • why kids really misbehave ”” it’s probably not what you think!
  • how your personality may actually fuel misbehavior
  • the 5 R’s of Fair & Effective Consequences so kids listen the first time you ask
  • training resources to reduce your parenting stress & stop nagging, reminding & yelling

Here’s how the webinar works:

  • Sign up here to choose a class that fits your schedule.
  • Sit in front of your computer to watch and listen to the presentation.
  • Come as you are;  no one will see you.
  • Type questions whenever you have them and Amy will respond when possible.

Whitney and I will be in on the class as well, asking questions alongside you.

Click here to join Amy (she rocks!).

+++ Taking the class is free to you; Amy offers deeper courses for a fee if you’re interested. We have an affiliate relationship with Positive Parenting Solutions.Get kids to listen without nagging

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