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Get This Party Started: A Guide to Your Banquet Room Setup ”

People love to party which is why demand for party planners keeps climbing. If it’s your turn to plan your own celebration, are you ready?

Putting on a party is no walk in the park. The end result is a lot of fun but there’s a ton of planning and preparation that goes into ensuring you and your guests have a great time.

Hosting a beautiful banquet is a lot of work but it’s worth it. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, a fun holiday, or putting on a party for a huge life event, here’s our guide to the ultimate banquet room setup.

Banquet Basics

Before you figure out your banquet configuration, you need to nail down the basics. From there, you can figure out what other steps you need to take.

First question — what are you celebrating? It helps to know if you’re putting together a more formal event or you need space for a dance floor.

Next — what is your venue like? If there are certain features in your banquet room, you’ll need to know to use it to your advantage.

Understanding your venue helps you know your limitations and gives you a good idea of how your finished party will look. Plus, you’ll need to know how many people can fit in the room to make your guest list.

Your Banquet Room Set Up

There are a few basic banquet room set ups that you can use for your party. The idea is to either move people down a buffet line, help them socialize, or turn their attention to a focal point, like a speaker on a stage or a presentation.

A wedding style set up has round tables throughout the room. That allows for plenty of socialization and mingling.

Another way to feature a banquet table with a guest of honor is to set up a U-shaped table arrangement. That way everyone can face the person at the head of the room.

If you’ve got a lecture or a presentation, you’ve got a few options you can consider. Remember to figure out the layout of the venue before you make your final decision.

The classroom set up has rows of tables with an aisle down the middle. This is perfect for those who need to bring up multiple speakers and give banquet-goers a great view of the front.

A theater style arrangement is perfect if you need to pack as many people as possible into your venue. It features continuous rows running from end to end with two aisles on the sides.

Put on the Perfect Banquet

Now that you’ve got these banquet room setup ideas, you’re ready to plan the ultimate party. Birthdays, weddings, work presentations and more are easy to put on with our simple banquet party guide.

Want even more ideas for making sure your parties are second to none? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve got plenty of ideas for putting on amazing events. Check out our other articles about party planning to make your event the best ever!

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Get This Party Started: A Guide to Your Banquet Room Setup

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