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Getting Baby to Sleep By Any Means New 2020

Must-Know Advice from the Sleep Lady

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Getting Baby to Sleep By Any Means

Moving babies to a new sleeping situation can sometimes mess them up. That’s what happened with Amy Giles’s second baby, who slept well as an infant in her bassinet, but had trouble adjusting to a crib.

“Julia refused to let me leave her bedroom. She wouldn’t fall asleep unless I was in the room,” says Amy. a mother of two. “I figured at some point I would be able to slip out of the room, so I would lie down on the floor next to her crib.”

When she was almost certain the baby was asleep, Amy would crawl on her belly to leave the room. (Her husband took turns with her, and did the same.) “You’d think we were trying to escape a hostage situation! Sometimes she would fall asleep thinking I was still there. Other times, she would lift the bumper, see me trying to escape and start howling. And then I’d start the whole process again.”

Things were at their worst when Julia was 15 to 18 months old. There were many nights that Amy gave up and fell asleep on her bedroom carpet. “Thankfully, we spent the extra money on the carpet and it was extra plush.”

Eventually, Amy and Pat realized they weren’t doing their baby any favors and turned to gentle Ferberizing. ‘

“Once she learned to fall asleep on her own, she did much better through the night,” Amy says. “We realized that we needed to teach her how to sleep.”

“If you change your routine at the beginning of the night, you can retrain your child,” Dr. Winnie says. “It’s the first time going to sleep that’s important. We all have sleep cycles, but we’re able to put ourselves back to sleep. Babies who do that are called self-soothers.”

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Getting Baby to Sleep By Any Means

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