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Getting Started with Creative Writing

Getting Started with Creative Writing

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Getting Started with Creative Writing ”

Creative writing can be an enjoyable craft that can either be a relaxing pastime or potentially be turned into a career. However, even the most imaginative of individuals can find it difficult to get started. Writing is a technique that often needs careful craftsmanship, time and dedication to perfect. Once you have mastered it, you could decide to either keep your pieces for personal use or have them professionally published and turn your hobby into a career. If you are looking for a few good tips on how to get started with creative writing, below are some useful methods to bear in mind:

It is impossible to improve your writing skill if you do not take the time to read. You will find it difficult to come up with new ideas if you are not aware of what other writers are doing right now. What is more, you should never limit yourself to one particular genre or style, as you may be restricting yourself from finding out what you truly enjoy and where your skill shines. In your spare time, read an abundance of novels, poems, short stories, journals and magazines to expand your horizons and develop your craft.

You may have random ideas that pop into your head throughout the day โ€“ and perhaps even at night, but you should never just ignore them as an inspiring writer. If you can, jot them down on a piece of paper or on your smartphone. You never know when that small seed of an idea could transform into a source of inspiration for something much bigger.

You may be surprised to learn that even the most famous authors have used the key traits of someone they know to create their greatest characters โ€“ and you should do the same. Create a mind map of some of the behaviors and attributes of your friends, family and even acquaintances to help you create unique characters that could stimulate ideas for an extremely interesting storyline.ย 

As with any craft or hobby, creative writing takes practice. If you want to polish up your skill, you cannot wait around until you are in the right frame of mind. Writing is almost like a muscle that needs to be exercised โ€“ without constant practice, it will lose its strength. Therefore, it would be wise to set aside a short time frame for writing in your daily schedule. This can be extremely tricky at first, but the more you do it, the more your motivation will build. Having a sense of discipline is crucial if you wish to become a professional creative writer and get your work published. In this case, it would be wise to research more on book publishing options.

Last but not least, you should know exactly who you are targeting within your writing. Is your story for young adults, teenagers or perhaps the older generation? It is impossible to satisfy all demographics, so this will help you establish your tone of voice for the correct audience.

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Getting Started with Creative Writing

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