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Gifts for a New Mom in the Hospital [Our 15 Favorites!] New 2020

mama sweatshirt

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When a mama gives birth there’s a lot of excitement about the new baby, but don’t forget about the true star. The new mom! When you’re visiting bringing a push gift can be a great way to boost her spirit and help her recover. The best gifts for new moms in the hospital are often consumable or edible gifts. Otherwise, bring easy to carry and store items. Everything should make the new mom feel pampered and cared for, especially if they are gifts from her husband. It can be tempting to bring something for the new bundle of joy, but in the hospital, all the baby’s needs are met! It is really the mom who will need support.

Before visiting a new mom in the hospital…

There are a few things to consider before visiting a new mom and bringing a great gift. You’ll want to adhere to the visitor regulations for the hospital. It’s best to call or text the new mom first and set up when you’re going to visit. It may be tempting to plan a surprise visit but she will appreciate knowing your plan ahead of time.

Gifts for a New Mom in the Hospital

This is also a good time to ask her if she needs anything. She may be craving something or want something special. That way you can tailor your gift to her wishes. When bringing a gift it’s best to wrap it in a gift bag, as these can be used to store other gifts and items and are easier to carry to the car.

15 Great Gifts for a New Mom in Hospital

Gifts for a New Mom in the Hospital

1: Flowers That the New Mom Can Take Home from the Hospital

Flowers are a great gift for a new mom from her husband or a friend while she’s in the hospital. You can customize your flower arrangement to include her favorite flowers and show your connection to her. When bringing flowers, make sure you bring them in a vase so they’re easy to care for and carry home!

You should ask beforehand if flowers are allowed as some hospital wings may have restrictions on flower types. Also, take into consideration how long the hospital stay will be. If it’s a quick 24-hour stay, consider bringing flowers to the house instead. 

2: Prepared food

in n out

Along with the snacks, bringing prepared food from a full meal like dinner or a smoothie will help a new mom feel a bit more normal. Picking up something she’s been craving is a great way to support her and spend time with her beyond seeing the baby.

Smoothies are easy to eat, are packed with vitamins, and can be very soothing. Cut fresh fruit can be another great option because it’s easy to eat and isn’t always available at a hospital cafeteria. Of course, always ask the new mom first! You never know what she might be up for or feel like eating. 

3: On the go snacks

Hospital food is not known for being delicious. Bring the new mom snack she is craving to make her feel more at home. Snack items like chips, pretzels, any small lunch-size snacks will be easy to eat or to take home for later. Other options include fruit snacks, granola bars, chocolates, and cookies.

This CraveBox from Amazon makes a great gift for a new mom in the hospital because it contains just about everything you could think of!

4: Cozy socks

fuzzy socks

Hospital rooms aren’t all that cozy, so bringing something warm and fluffy may help her feel more at home. Cozy warm socks are a great small item because they’re easy to put in a bag. Even though, hospitals give you standard socks which are good for walking around the floor, having a nice pair of comfortable socks to look forward to in the room can help a lot.

5: New entertainment

Many moms-to-be will pack a few entertainment options in their hospital bag, but bringing her a newly released movie that she may have missed during her pregnancy will give her something to look forward to during those first long nights. If movies aren’t her thing, you may be able to bring a gift card to Itunes or Netflix so she can download a new show!

As a gift for the new mom from her husband, consider making her a movie basket with her favorite candy and snacks so you can have a movie night when you’re back home! 

6: Washmind Newborn Kit

washmind kit

A practical gift is the best thing you can give a new mom. A Washmind Kit will help her and everyone around her newborn to remember to wash their hands. She can easily pack this up in her hospital bag and it will give her peace of mind during their hospital stay and once their back at home with visitors. Get your kit here!

7: Toiletries

Bringing a small travel-sized hand cream, cleansing wipes, or even a lip balm can help the new mom in your life feel pampered. She probably packed her bathroom necessities, but having something new and luxurious will help her take a few minutes for herself. I love this little Burt’s Bees’ new mom gift set!

8: A memory book

Gifts for a New Mom in the Hospital

A small-sized baby book or memory book will give the new mama a place to record anything she’d like to remember from her birth story. Many moms use their phones but having a notebook is a good way to pause and take a few minutes to reflect on the event. 

9: Slippers

While cozy socks are a good option for lounging in bed, slippers are also a great gift to pamper the new mom while she is in the hospital. Bonus, she’ll have something new to look forward to wearing at home! Lounge clothes are an absolute go-to for new moms. 

10: Audiobook subscription

Audiobooks are a great way for new moms to consume reading material because they can listen while handling all the tasks that come with having a new baby. An audiobook subscription will give her a chance to try the format and explore how listening fits into her new routine.

11: Hair accessories

gift for mom

It can be difficult to fit a shower into a hospital stay. Hair accessories like scrunchies, ties, bobby pins, and headbands will help her manage her hair quickly. It may also be helpful to offer to brush her hair, help her put it up, or braid it. Even something as simple as dropping off your favorite bottle of dry shampoo might help! After all, quick hair do’s are going to be a must-have with a new baby around! 

12: Phone charger battery pack

A new mom will probably have her phone within reach while in the hospital. She may be using it for entertainment, checking in with friends, and connecting with family. This means the battery staying charged is important. Bringing a pre-charged battery pack is a simple but super thoughtful gift for a new mom in the hospital. It will give her a boost and some extra juice. 

13: Water flavor enhancers

If the new mom in your life is breastfeeding, chances are she’s going to get thirsty! Natural Water Enhancer drops are a great way to help her meet her daily water intake goals. This variety pack from Stur will give her plenty of different, fun flavors to try! Plus, these have 0 sugar, 0 calories, and they are made from real fruit extracts. 

14: Jewelry

A new piece of jewelry is a great way to celebrate this milestone in life. It is an especially thoughtful gift to the new mom from her husband. I recommend choosing something specific to her new baby, from the name to the birthstone or birthdate. A little touch like this will let her show off her new status as a mom. 

Check out a full list of our favorites here! We’ve got bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Of course, we included options of gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. Be sure to find out what the mom usually wears so she can match this new piece to her other favorites. 

15: Maternity nursing nightgown

A maternity nursing nightgown is another great gift idea. These nightgowns look a lot like comfortable dresses, making it a dressier option to the standard hospital gown with all the ease and access she’ll need. A cute, comfy nightgown makes for a great surprise gift from the husband to a new mom, as well! 

16: A cozy sweatshirt is a perfect gift for a new mom in the hospital

mama sweatshirt

It always helps to have an extra sweatshirt on hand, as babies can be messy and frequent clothing changes are needed. We love this warm sweatshirt! Something cute to celebrate her new-mom-status is always fun.

Choosing a push present that can help the new mom, support her, and provide some comfort and pampering will be a well-loved gift while she’s still in the hospital! Just make sure it will be easy to pack up and bring back home, as well. 


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