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Giving Thanks Rocks For All Our Blessings

Giving Thanks Rocks For All Our Blessings

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November has often been called the Thankful month as we stop and take time to place focus on all the blessing and things we have to be Thankful for.   It is fun to add in a tangible way to do that from recording it in journals  to writing them on chalkboards, now we discovered a fun activity the kids will enjoy  The Giving Thanks Rocks.  An activity that can be done daily or during your Thanksgiving celebration.

There are two ways you can do this:

1.  Obtain a pile of rocks, place them in a container and use paint pens to record your blessings on each rock.


2. Create chalk rocks like Beyond the Picket Fence did.  She painted her clean rocks with chalkboard paint and used them to record their many blessings on. Click here for how to from Beyond the Picket Fence

How do you record your blessings during November?

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