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Go to the drive-in movie with baby on board New 2020

Baby in a car at the drive in movie

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Rookie mom, Emily, suggested hitting the drive-in movie as a great baby-on-board date night. Going to the drive-in with a baby has many advantages.

Baby in a car at the drive in movie

The last time I went to a drive-in I was driving cross-country with my pal, Rachel, and we actually watched the movie Twister (in which a drive-in theater is decimated by a tornado). I only wish the drive-ins near Berkeley were still operating! Our nearest one is in Concord about 45 minutes away.

Emily tells us about taking her two-month old to the movies:

This is perfect for my baby – she falls asleep on the drive there, sleeps through most of the movie, and when she wakes up (and cries), no one can hear her, and I can breastfeed discreetly in the car.

When she is fussy, my husband and I take turns bouncing her on our laps, just trading off every 20 minutes or so. This has allowed us to see all the first-run adult movies.

Oh yeah, and since the sound comes in through our car stereo, we don’t have to worry about loud movies.

We agree with Emily that having a baby DOES NOT mean the end of loving movies.

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