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Hall of Fame: Homemade Halloween costumes from Rookie Moms readers New 2020

Hall of Fame: Homemade Halloween costumes from Rookie Moms readers

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I think you guys have the cutest babies ever. Seriously. Look at these babies in their homemade Halloween costumes!

photos: Lisa Holloway Waugh

Rookie mom, Louise Harm, posted this photo and explained, “I used a Martha Stewart idea, and then lucked into a vest at Target that I opened, added the legs to, and sewed closed again.” I think the Martha Stewart spider costume is this one. I love how Louise made her family into the Itsy, Bitsy Spider song — it makes dressing your baby as a spider very cute and not creepy!

The mom who runs Twilight Nanny Agency submitted this one and marveled (see what I did there?), “My 6-month old son kept on novelty glasses for his Clark Kent costume all day. My daughter is his alter ego Superman.”

photo: David Vienna

More super heroes. Eleven-month old twins, Wyatt and Boone, wear comfy sweats with decorative details to dress up as Dr. Horrible (an aspiring supervillain originally played by Neil Patrick Harris) and his nemesis Captain Hammer.

Nicholle Pendergraft was on a serious budget last Halloween. She wrote, “My hubby and I couldn’t find anything at thrift stores and I was about about to give up when he found a black turtleneck and came up with the bestest idea ever for 2011! And what a fitting tribute to a genius who had recently passed.”

The Halloween before that, Nicholle had a skilled friend help her make this adorable Jack Skellington costume. (That’s a Nightmare Before Christmas character, for those who don’t recognize it.)

Thanks to everyone who shared these images with us! If you want to add details about how you made yours, a link, or any other notes, please do so in the comments and we’ll update the post as we receive them.

Look for Part II next week!

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