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Hall of Fame: more homemade Halloween costumes from readers New 2020

Hall of Fame: more homemade Halloween costumes from readers

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Kicking off our latest collection of super homemade baby and kid Halloween costumes is this Starbucks barista costume. We especially like that baby Alonzo got more than one year of use out of it!

baby costume starbucks barista

Photos: HomeEcoNanay

Barista costume-creator Irene says, “I initially planned to stencil the logo over the apron but after several attempts I realized that having it printed out for me at a local computer shop was easier and less messy! Mama sewed the cap while I also made a candy bucket out of an old lamp shade and made it look like a Starbucks cup with a sleeve.” Alonzo also wore the same costume a second year. Simple apron costume for the win!

Photo: CityMama

Stefania created her daughter’s wolf princess costume in two hours for less than $20. Right on, mama. Instructions for Princess Mononoke costume are in her blog post on

Photo: mycupofcreativitea

Thien-Kim invented her daughter Sophia’s fairy dress by combining two totally different articles of clothing a la Pretty In Pink. She writes, “I like upcycling because half the sewing is done for you. If you cut up the clothing right, you don’t have to hem and most inside seams are already finished.”

Elizabeth made this adorable penguin costume ALREADY for her 5-month old son. Looks cozy! I’m totally impressed. She put instructions on her blog, if you’re interested.

See last week’s round-up of DIY baby Halloween costumes.

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