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Happy Birthday Milo: the Big 02! New 2020

Happy Birthday Milo: the Big 02!

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Dear Milo,
You are my crazy, sweet, gentle, dare-devil. You could climb and drop on your head before you could walk and once you discovered how awesome falling is, it’s been one of your favorite hobbies!

Look ma no hands
You love the carousel. Here you are with Holden sitting on the elephant no hands. I know you wouldn’t really ride that way, because I’ve seen how focused you get when the ride begins.

You are also so sweet and gentle with people (most of the time!) and with stuffed animals and loveys. I caught you trying to put all the stuffed animals down for a nap by patting them and singing Frere Jacques. Wish I had the camera handy, but it’s probably for the best.

You are a brilliant little guy. A few months ago, you started tackling Holden’s puzzles. You approach them with curiosity and perseverance. When nobody’s looking, you can do them on your own. You can also entertain yourself with the legos for a long time.

I’m sorry that I introduced you to TV early (earlier than the AAP says is wise) but I think you’re doing ok. Even though you know all the characters and theme songs on PBS… you might also know a few more numbers, shapes, and letters than is typical for your age.

Love you lots! Happy Birthday!

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