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Hello Bello Review – Here is what we think! New 2020

lotion for babies

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So let’s get started, here is our Hello Bello review along with our favorite items!

Being a new mom, everything can seem very overwhelming at first. There are so many products out there for babies and all their needs. Today we are going to be looking specifically at a new, safe brand on the rise: Hello Bello. We love their products and even did an unboxing to check them all out, which you can find at the bottom of this post! 

Hello Bello was founded by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. Their goal is to give moms the most premium level products, without premium prices. Sounds pretty great, right? 

Rookie Mom’s Hello Bello Review

lotion for babies

Delivery Service

You can shop for individual Hello Bello products both in-store at Walmart and online. BUT, what makes them really special is their subscription delivery bundles. They offer subscription services that bring all their best products right to your door. This means you do not have to leave the house with a new baby (or a wiggly 6-month old!). 

When you make a bundle, you will first select the diaper size and print that you want. You can even split sizes if you think your baby will soon be growing out of their current diaper size. Trust me, these diapers have the absolute cutest prints. Choosing which one you want to go with will be the hardest part of this whole process. 

hello bello diaper box

Next, you will be able to add on any extras that you need. They have vitamins, nighttime diapers, hand sanitizer, bubble bath, shampoo, lotion, wipes, detergent, and even clothes! Once you have thrown in all your add-ons, you will select the frequency of delivery. They offer either 3, 4, or 5 weeks between delivery. 

Up until the shipment date (which they send you email reminders of), you can make changes or skip your bundle. They make it very easy to do this, which is a big bonus! 

Overall, we rate their delivery service 5/5. It’s easy to pick and choose exactly what you want in your bundle. Plus, we greatly appreciate being able to skip if necessary. 

The Hello Bello Diaper Difference

A review of Hello Bello wouldn’t be complete without mentioning their promise to make premium quality products with thoughtfully chosen ingredients. The products created by Hello Bello are safe. Plus, they are free of harmful chemicals that may be a hazard to you and your baby’s health.

All of Hello Bello products are made free of :

  •  alcohol
  •  synthetic fragrances
  •  phthalates
  •  parabens
  •  formaldehyde donors

baby wipes

Hello Bello Diapers Review- Everyone’s Favorite Product! 

Hello Bello offers a premium built diaper for every stage. They are ultra-soft, some of the softest diapers I have ever felt, and created with a cloth-like feel. This makes them stretchy and provides ultimate comfort. There is even a wetness indicator on the diaper for easy checks of when your little one needs a change.

PLUS: Hello Bello offers several prints to choose from. It is time to say goodbye to plain diapers, and hello to stylish, fun diapers! 


Hello Bello offers plant-based water wipes to help clean the most sensitive little bums. The wipes are made up of 99% water with a touch of organic aloe and chamomile extract. These wipes are very super soft and leave the skin feeling clean and not sticky like some wipes do. 

Whether you are wiping a bum or wiping up a mess, these wipes get the job done. Even though they are soft, they are strong enough to stand up to whatever mess parenting throws your way. 

Extra Gentle Shampoo & Body Wash

hello bello reviews

Let me start off by saying WOW! This product smells so good, like really good. The Vanilla Apricot smell is minimal. It’s just enough to calm and soothe your skin and leave your baby smelling so fresh.

My favorite thing about this product is that it does not have a perfume smell. That smell of fake flowers and fake additives, this wash doesn’t have that. This wash leaves the skin fresh and clean and is so gentle for babies and their skin.

The Vanilla Apricot scent is definitely my go-to for day time washes. However, the Lavender is my go-to for night time because it soothes babies and gets them ready for bedtime. Plus, these washes are safe for all members of the family. Just like the item that’s next up on our Hello Bello review… lotion!


You can get just about any kind of vitamin you need from Hello Bello. They have prenatal vitamins, a kid’s men’s & women’s multi, Omega 3, Immunity, and more. None of them contain artificial colors or flavors, but they taste naturally fruity and delicious. They are also all easy to eat gummies, so everyone in the family will enjoy them. 

Premium, Plant-Based Lotion!

Again, WOW! This lotion is a must. It calms and soothes the skin while moisturizing. The lavender smell is my favorite, but it also comes in different scents like vanilla apricot and fresh & clean.

Even as an adult, I suffer from sensitive skin. This means having clean products is very important for me and now even more so for my baby.

The Hello Bello lotion is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, pH-balanced, and non-greasy. It leaves your skin feeling so soft. Most of all, I love that I do not have to worry about harmful products being transferred from my skin to hers. 

Check out our Hello Bello Unboxing video below! 

I hope our Hello Bello review has helped you come to a decision about whether or not these baby products a good fit for your family! Hello Bello is truly giving families the best quality products without the cost. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard do not believe in having to choose between quality and budget. It is noticeable in their products that they truly care about the families they are providing for. 

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