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Hello Flo: Care packages for new moms New 2020

Hello Flo: Care packages for new moms

The company Hello Flo made the rounds on social media with the launch of their mailed care packages for pre-teen girls, designed to support a first period experience with information and treats. If you didn’t see last year’s viral video introducing the “care package for your vagina”, here it is.

But that’s not all Hello Flo is working on. They sent me a new mom kit to check out.

Care package for new moms

Items in the New Mom Survival Kit include always pantyliners; a Chocolate Cupcake LUNA bar; 2 hair ties; lip balm; reusable heart-shaped nursing pads; sitz bath spray for your vaginal birth injuries; organic hard candy; nipple balm from boob ease; face wipes from Olay; and a zipper pouch designed to carry around pads or whatever else you need.

Care package for a new mom from Hello Flo

Not only does it have soothing balms and sprays for your bathing suit parts, it has an information packet with really helpful facts that most women should read before their fourth trimester begins.

Postpartum recovery care package

You can purchase a new mom kit for a friend at The upgraded version includes these awesome leak-free undies from a brand called Dear Kate.

We’re not affiliates but maybe we should be.

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