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Help! Pacifier addiction in need of intervention? New 2020

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Is there anyone else out there with a pacifier addict over the age of 2 (or better yet, 3?!) that successfully transitioned away from the dependency?

More than a year ago, we transitioned pretty successfully to bedtime and naptime only. And that’s where we’re stuck.

But for the past six months, Holden is the only kid over age 2 at his school to use a pacifier at naptime. Peer pressure doesn’t seem to have an impact (so that’s good and bad because he’s confident and because it’s a habit I wish he’d just kick).

Good friends of mine claim that when their son’s kicked the binky habit, so too went their afternoon nap. I’m not ready to give the nap up just yet so I’m nervous.

Is it akin to quitting smoking for an adult? It feels like it sometimes (like on Saturday when we were talking at Target in front of all the pacifier brands and we were choosing a new one because Avent stopped making his favorite brand… “so, you like Latex, huh?”).

I want to be respectful of his burgeoning choices but part of me wants to pluck it out and throw it away while he sleeps. Is the “Binky Fairy” a good thing or a bad thing? If he just keeps going will all his teeth rot?

I’m asking you, Internets, can you give me any tips to ease the transition? Any ideas of what not to do?

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