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Herbiar Natural Waterproof Mascara ”

Which mascara do you like the most? A mascara that floats away in water & hot and humid areas or mascara that remains the same throughout the day. Mascara is applied at the end of the makeup to give a more prominent look to the eyes than usual, and if the mascara floats away, then all makeup look is destroyed.

Herbiar natural waterproof mascara is the best fit in your routine because it stays on for a long time. This waterproof mascara does not flake in water, rain, swimming, crying, hot and humid areas. It does not require a topcoat after some time and covers all your business and social needs.

This waterproof mascara does not stick your eyelashes together and perfectly coats & curls each lash of your eyelashes. It is made in the USA, smudge-free and cruelty-free mascara that means it is never tested on animals. It does not contain any additives or chemicals that means it is safe for eyes and eyelashes. It is composed of natural and high-quality ingredients so that it does not harm your eyelashes and gives a fantastic makeup look. This advanced lash high-definition mascara boosts eyelash growth and makes your eyelashes look dark, long, prominent, and bright.

Herbiar waterproof mascara comes in an elegantly shaped bottle with a thin wand. Its skinny brush does not create clumps on your eyelashes and helps you get a realistic makeup look. It is easy to apply than a regular mascara because a single stroke is enough to curate eyelashes ideally.

  • Start applying Herbiar waterproof mascara from the roots of your eyelashes to the edges.
  • Apply mascara on upper eyelashes and lower eyelashes with a single stroke.
  • Repeat the same process to another eye.
  • Please wait until it dries to achieve your dramatic look.

This mascara will not fade and removes with time, but it stays fresh at all times, but it is easy to remove the way it is easy to apply. You do not need any sharp makeup remover to remove it from your eyelashes. Just a simple makeup remover works well to remove it.

  • Take a cotton ball and apply makeup remover on it.
  • Put the cotton ball on your eyelashes for minimum 15 seconds.
  • Gently rub until the mascara removes from your eyelashes.

Herbiar’s natural makeup products and waterproof mascara are specially designed for people with sensitive eyes and skin. It provides all the essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to the roots of your eyelashes to prevent them from breakage, raccoon, and swallow. It nourishes and hydrates your eyelashes to give them a natural-looking. 

Usually, waterproof mascaras are heavy-weighted mascaras that can damage your eyelashes. Herbiar mascara is a waterproof, water-resistant mascara and a light-weighted mascara that increases your eyelashes’ overall length.

Herbiar is an emerging brand in the US of beauty, cosmetics, and personal care. You can easily shop Herbiar’s products and natural waterproof mascara from retailer stores, social media, and herbiar.com.

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Herbiar Natural Waterproof Mascara

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