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Here is Where to get a Free Pregnancy Test! [5 Easy Options] New 2020

free pregnancy test

Once you miss your period your first thought is probably to wonder if you might be pregnant. If you generally have a regular cycle and you are not suffering from an illness, taking a simple pregnancy test is a reliable way to find out if you are indeed pregnant or if your period is simply late. If you are looking for a place to grab a Free Pregnancy Test,we have a list of 5 great options to choose from.

free pregnancy test

How Do They Work & Are They Accurate?

Pregnancy test work by detecting the amount of HCG in your urine. With a store-bought or free test, all you have to do is pee on the end of the stick, or submerge the end of the pregnancy test in urine and wait for the results.

Free Pregnancy test

Store bought pregnancy test and those given out for free have an accuracy of 99%, which is the same level of accuracy you would find in a urine test at the doctor’s office. When the female body is hosting a fertilized egg, it will begin producing human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This hormone isn’t produced at any other time which is what makes home pregnancy test accurate 99% of the time. Why not 100%? Well, that’s simple, only a blood test can give 100% accuracy since it measures the actual amount of HCG in your blood as opposed to just detecting the presence of the hormone.  A home pregnancy test will detect that there is HGC in your system, which is an indicator of pregnancy,  that niggling 1% is the chance of the test detecting the hormone at a time where your body has already rejected a pregnancy.

When Should I Take A Pregnancy Test

Once your period is late you can take a pregnancy test. If you always have an extremely predictable period, you can test as early as 2 days after your missed cycle. For those who have cycles that vary slightly, you can still test as soon as the 1st missed day, but it may be better to wait 2-3 days to see if your period starts before assuming you need to take a pregnancy test. The sooner you take a test, the quicker you will know if you are pregnant which will allow you to make plans accordingly.

Where Can I Get A Home Pregnancy Test?

A pregnancy test is readily available for purchase from most grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and even at the $1 dollar store. Even though all of these tests may have different price points, they all do the same exact thing, which is to detect the HCG hormone in your urine which indicates that you may be pregnant. These test range from $1-$12 depending on the brand chosen.

Free Pregnancy test

Where Can I Find A Free Pregnancy Test?

Not everyone is comfortable buying a pregnancy test from the store and in some cases, financial hardship can also prevent a person from being able to purchase a test. Neither of these issues should prevent you from getting the help you need and there are several options available for those who have interest in getting a free pregnancy test.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood offices

Planned Parenthood has offices in most cities and offers free pregnancy test on a walk-in basis. There are no conditions for taking a test in this office. You will also be given addition information about your choices when your results have come back.

Community Clinics

Community Clinics logo

Depending on your area, there are often community clinics that will offer family planning services at no charge to those in need. These services also include no cost pregnancy testing. In most cases, you will need to offer proof of income and residency in the area to avail these services. There are also no requirements attached when you receive health services from a community center and often, a nurse will provide you with more information on health service available to continue your pregnancy or to protect from unwanted pregnancy in the future if your test results are negative.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Free Pregnancy test

Crisis centers are another place you can avail a free pregnancy test, but you should know in advance that most are not run by actual medical professionals. Many are located near local clinics and Planned Parenthood centers. They do offer free testing, but in most cases, they won’t provide further comprehensive information regarding your available options once the results of your test come back.

Local Outreach Centers

Local outreach centers are often run by faith-based churches, mosques or synagogues in the neighborhood. They will provide health services such as free pregnancy test to those who need them on a walk-in basis. While there are no strings attached, these types of centers are geared towards preserving life, so you can expect to be offered information that tells you to have to take care of yourself during pregnancy, how to find affordable housing, adoption information and free or reduced medical care information.


Your City Health Department

Free Pregnancy test

The health department in your city will also provide family planning services to those in need. This also includes free or low-cost pregnancy testing. These services are based on need and health department provide them on a sliding scale, in most cases, they will ask you to show your income in order to avail free services. The doctors and nurses are all certified and trained and will also provide additional health information regarding your options following the returning of your test results.


What To Do Next

If your test result has come back as positive and you want to move forward with your pregnancy, it’s important that you get in touch with an OB/GYN to begin your antenatal care routine. You can also use our due date calculator to work out the approximate due date for your little one. If you are not sure about moving forward, you can speak to a health care professional about what options are available to you.

Free Pregnancy test

For those who have received a negative test result and feel disappointed, don’t be. The best things in life take a little bit of work and there is always a chance next month to try for the result you desire. If this episode was a bit of a scare and you don’t feel you are ready to be a parent, you can speak with a healthcare professional in regards what birth control options may be the best for your situation.

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