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Holiday Card deals, advice, and glitter New 2020


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This post contains affiliate links. The Tiny Prints brand is part of Shutterfly order. Look for a promo code on the other side of this link.

Every year, I write up the hottest thing in holiday cards so that you can be ready for the trend-spotting exercise I enjoy annually as the cards begin arriving at my house. We’ve been through rounded corners, infographics, and last year, the color black arrived on the scene. So long red and white.




This year? We are transcending color. We are glitter-bound. Shiny. Shimmering into the new year.


Expensive? Yes. ($2.89 per card for 50 cards on But so much sparkly fun, no?glitter-tinyprints-card


Here are some ways to keep costs under control without taking the glitter into your own hands:

  1. Use a promo code: TINYPRINTS: Save 30% off orders or 40% off orders of $149 or more using the code TPSAVE40 at checkout.
  2. Choose limited glitter or instead go with a flash of foil. Many choices on Shutterfly. And save 50% there with code CARD50.
    Glitter holiday cards and promo codes to save money on them.
    Ok, this is no help in the money-saving department, but Tiny Prints has Rose Gold foil. I just wanted you to know that, in case you are swept up by the rose gold trend. I like this card, whose shiny accent bubbles come in silver, gold, and rose gold.
  3. Comparison shop: Minted makes beautiful cards, too, and they have a whole section of Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards.
  4. DIY: Spend $3.00 on a 4-pack of glitter tape that you can cut into thin strips to embellish cards or envelopes. Big kids can seal the envelopes with a strip of it for a hand-crafted look.


What’s your holiday card plan? Are you loyal to one company, or are you a holiday card Ho Ho Ho like me?


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