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Home Improvement Projects That Provide a High ROI

Home Improvement Projects That Provide a High ROI

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Home Improvement Projects That Provide a High ROI ”

When people buy houses, they do so knowing that throughout their years of living there—or even not living there—home improvement projects are inevitable. While some projects are out of necessity, like installing a new water heater or replacing the foundation, others are more enjoyable and fun. Additionally, these more enjoyable projects can increase the value of the home which will benefit you down the road if and when you decide to sell your house. However, it’s important to note that not all home upgrades hold the same value. Here are some examples of home improvement projects with a high ROI. 

Cleaning and Decluttering

Before we move onto the bigger projects, let’s start at square one. While tidying up here and there might be doing the trick to keep your home feeling fresh, it’s nothing in comparison to a deep clean. A deep house clean can brighten up the rooms and make the overall appearance seem newer. It’s also one of the most successful tips from top agents who have reported that a deep clean can result in an ROI of 935%! Additionally, the cost to do so is relatively low. Hire a professional house cleaner to help you out.

Another thing to consider that also has a high ROI is decluttering the house. Over the years, it’s easy to retain a lot of objects including clothing, utensils, appliances, decorations, and furniture that you barely use. Take a weekend to sort through your belongings and declutter your house. This will not only free up space, it will also give your home a more calm vibe. 

Repainting the Outside

The exterior of your home, depending on where you live, is regularly worn down by the elements. If it’s been a while since you’ve had the exterior of your home painted, now might be a good time to look into hiring a professional to do a fresh paint job. You can stick with the color that you already have or you can move forward with something more fun and trendy depending on the area where you live. You can also get creative with the colors of the doors, shutters, or pillars on the house to really make things stand out. Painting your home’s exterior, according to top agents, can come with an ROI of around 51%. 

Updating the Landscaping

Your home’s landscaping, especially towards the front, is crucial to the overall appearance of your home. This is why it’s important to keep up with it. If you can’t afford a professional, go the DIY route of adding in new grass, removing dead plants and weeds, mulching the garden areas, and trimming the shrubs and bushes. Once you finish the basics, consider planting some flowers and other plants to help brighten everything up. If you live in an area that experiences winter, prepare your yard for the cold weather. 

Home improvement projects don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to increase the value of your home. Consider cleaning, decluttering, repainting, and landscaping this fall to bring out the best in your house. For more day-to-day advice, subscribe to the Mom Blog Society, today!

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Home Improvement Projects That Provide a High ROI

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