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Home improvement tips to keep your family safe ”

Your home is the place where you can sit down and relax and most of the time its one of the safest places you can be, with that said it still poses some risks to you and your family and in this article, we will take a look at some of the home improvements you can make to help keep your home safer.

For example, did you know that 30% of people over the age of 65 will experience a fall this year? Or that a home is burgled once every 60 seconds.

Those numbers are quite frightening when you think about them and in this article, we aim to show you some ways of making your home safer.

1) Get an alarm system

An alarm system acts as a deterrent for a burglar and makes them move on from your home to another that’s not as protected. When choosing an alarm system for your home it’s good to do some research on the topic.  

Some burglars are confident in disabling some alarm systems so be sure to get an alarm system that notifies the authorities even in the event that it becomes disabled.  

Alarm systems aren’t that expensive but be sure to shop around and compare all of the features first as you don’t want the cheapest alarm system and you may not need the most expensive one either.

An alarm works as a deterrent but in the worst-case scenario, it could also save your life as a result of a home invasion. 

You can also install CCTV at your home which will also act as a deterrent to some criminals.

2) Install a lockable medicine cabinet 

Leaving medicine lying around the home can be dangerous if you have small children as they could swallow it and end up in the hospital or worse.  

Most of you are probably very careful with your medicine and put it away safely in a cupboard out of the way. Those of us with young children will know that they somehow get into every door or cupboard in the home with ease.

You can buy a cheap lock from eBay or your local hardware store and make your home a little safer for those who live in it.

3) Remove loose flooring

Loose flooring or uneven surfaces can be a hazard for our little ones and even the elderly alike. Trips and falls are one of the biggest causes of injury in the home so making sure your flooring is even, non-slippery and provides the right grip is very important.

As mentioned above 30% of people over the age of 65 will have a fall this year and unfortunately to some of them, it will be fatal. 

When it comes to fixing the flooring in your home you should speak to a builder and get them to fix your flooring. If you have any elderly living with you it may also be a good choice to get them a fall alarm or a telecare system. Both can help when it comes to trips and fall accidents, and for a small fee, it could save someone’s life.

4) Install accessible features

Staying on the theme of trips and falls, making your home more accessible can cut down on accidents. Installing accessible features such as and rails around the home can help those who aren’t as good on their feet anymore. You can also install stairlifts, walk-in bathtubs and more to help those family members who need it most.

5) Install a smoke alarm

Most of us thankfully will have a smoke alarm system in our homes but how many of us test them regularly? I’m willing to bet that the answer to that is not many of you do.  

It’s advised that your smoke alarm system should be tested at least once a month and your carbon monoxide alarm at least every 6 months if you have one that has disposable batteries.

Close to 200 deaths in the UK are due to fires where no smoke alarms were present. If you don’t own one or your one is old please make sure to get one as they are fairly cheap and could save your life.

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Home improvement tips to keep your family safe

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