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Home Remedies To Remove Excess Hair on Your Baby

Home Remedies To Remove Excess Hair on Your Baby

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Facial hairs are considered as taboo in Indian society. Whether a girl or a boy, having facial hairs is always disturbing. Though in actual they are more of a blessing. They have a protective purpose associated with them.

Benefits Of Body Hair In Infants?

  • When a baby is in mother’s womb, the soft hairs called lanugo, are defensive in nature. They help preventing babies from the exposure to amniotic fluid in the baby bag
  • They are also known to be holding together Vernix Caseosa. This is a slippery layer that keeps the baby warm and help her easily pass through the birth canal
  • The soft hairs over the body are actually protecting the delicate skin from germs and infections

Infant hair automatically sheds away with the course of time. The new born hairs are too light and get naturally removed till the time of birth and to a more extent, by the age of 4 months. If they are not gone on their own, then there are many other ways to work on them. Don’t stress yourself, the thick layer of hair on arms, back, shoulders, forehead and face are too common in infants and could be easily treated.

Home Remedies To Treat Excess Hair on Your Baby’s Body

There have been many homemade recipes to deal with extra hair growth on body. From flours to body oils, every mother has her own story. So here I have compiled few of the best tried remedies by mums for their babies.

  1. Body oils are highly recommended to get rid of body hairs. Massage your child with body oil, may be mustard or any other oil you feel comfortable with. After a soothing massage, apply the paste of lentils and almonds with milk. Scrubbing this mixture after drying, really helps in lightning the growth. Since coconut oil enhances the growth of hairs, kindly avoid using it or use it in little quantity
  2. Gram flour or besan is very common product to use by worried mothers. Make a tight dough ball of Besan mixed with turmeric and milk. Rubbing the dough ball over required areas, help a lot in shedding extra hairs
  3. Wheat flour+Gram flour+ turmeric, when used as a massage paste is fruitful in diminishing excessive hairs. As it softens the root of hair and help them cast off easily
  4. Herbal body bathing powders are also recommended. They too contain turmeric, gram flour and different herbs to eradicate excessive fluff from body surface
  5. Milk bread had been the most significant solution to the hair growth concerns. Dip the bread in milk for 5 minutes. Then mash it and apply on body. Let the paste dry and then scrub it lightly for good results
  6. Kishmish paste is also a much tried remedy. The softened raisin with milk when formed into a scrub , is beneficial for body hair removal
  7. Masor daal scrub is another home remedy which can be tried if baby is not allergic to it. Soaked pulses in coconut water is mixed with turmeric and grinded to make a thick paste. This paste could be masked or scrubbed gently to exfoliate the excess hair

I would suggest mothers not to panic, if the hair stays even after trying all the best methods; it indicates some genetic imbalance of hormones in new borns. Seeking medical attention can help treating the over growth. Always remember to scrub or massage your baby very softly, as their skin is sensitive.

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