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Hooray: CVS Pharmacy is now at Target (sponsored) New 2020

Whitney takes her babies to Target; now with CVS at Target

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Thanks to CVS Pharmacy for sponsoring RookieMoms and coming to Target with all your convenience!

Whitney takes her babies to Target; now with CVS at Target

Get everything you need at Target, including the CVS pharmacy

I love any excuse to go to Target, especially by myself, so when I got word that CVS Pharmacy is now INSIDE Target, I thought, very smart, CVS. Very smart. Who can resist?

Target is already a happy place for most moms we know, with all the stuff you need and want at a single easy-to-park destination. Adding whipped cream to the awesomeness, ours has a Starbucks inside. As a new mom, I loved wheeling my contained small person around the store for an hour and emerging with the things on my list and a few extra hair clips and odd essentials. If Whitney and I could coordinate a shopping trip, that was built-in girl time. And a visit alone? Well, that’s just too good.

Now that my little ones are in school, I still love my trips to Target for school supplies, birthday gifts, my favorite paper towels, and a sweater I probably don’t need. In addition to my latte, I can order up my family’s prescriptions, too. CVS Pharmacy is right inside the store.

CVS pharmacy now at Target

Our local CVS is offering a Target gift card for getting a flu shot

With ECVS ExtraCare Rewards, I earn $5 in ExtraBucks Rewards for every 10 prescriptions filled. I can also earn rewards for other things I do to stay healthy, like getting immunizations or choosing email refill reminders. Being a good healthy mama and getting a flu shot fetches me a Target gift card for more diapers, donuts, and dishes.

Target and CVS Pharmacy working together means I can pick up prescriptions at thousands more locations (along with those few little extras that might just hop in my cart).

CVS pharmacy now at Target

CVS Pharmacy is tucked in with all the healthcare at Target

Disclosure: I’m proud to be working with CVS Pharmacy on the CVS Pharmacy Difference Campaign. All opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.

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