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How a slip and fall accident could ruin your life

How a slip and fall accident could ruin your life

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How a slip and fall accident could ruin your life ”

We’ve all slipped or tripped at some point. Usually after tripping over our own feet or shoelaces. As cringeworthy as falling over in public can be, it’s normal to jump up, brush yourself off and carry on with life. But worryingly, some circumstances prevent us from simply getting up again. Circumstances where we’re so badly injured, we need medical attention. Circumstances where our entire futures are put on hold. Circumstances that definitely could have been avoided. 

The severe repercussions of a slip, trip or fall accident depend on the severity of your injuries and how quickly you may recover. Sadly for many victims, it can take months or even years to get their life back on track. Here we’ll take a look at how a slip and fall accident could ruin your life. 

Your finances 

An injury sustained in a slip, trip or fall accident could have a serious impact on your finances. You may have to pay for extensive medical treatment, need time off work to recover, or you may even never be able to work again. If this is the case, how can you look after your family and stop yourself from plunging into financial ruin? Speaking with a personal injury lawyer should be one of your priorities. Successful payouts can potentially cover these costs and ensure you and your family are financially covered. What’s the average payout for a slip and fall? Click the link to find out. 

Injuries and pain

Injuries that could be potentially sustained in a slip, trip or fall accident vary. But they can range from broken bones and fractures to dislocated limbs, cuts and abrasions, spinal damage, head wounds and even brain trauma. These kinds of injuries can take months or even years of treatment and rehabilitation, with pain and discomfort taking a considerable toll on your life. You could be left living with constant pain or be temporarily or even permanently disabled. 

Mental health

Your mental health should be a prime focus after an accident. Not only is experiencing something as horrific as an accident and subsequent injury incredibly traumatizing but the pain you’ll be left with can leave you scarred for life. You may be mourning for the life you can no longer lead and left bereft and without an identity if you can no longer work. PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings, anger issues, depression and fear of certain scenarios are all common after an accident. You may be looking at years of therapy or counseling. 

Enjoyment of life

Whether you enjoyed skiing in the Hamptons or just kicking a ball with your children in the park, if you’ve slipped, fallen and sustained an injury then the quality of your life may be impacted. You might not be able to enjoy the things you once did. Whether that’s cooking a meal in the kitchen or being intimate with your partner. 

Final thoughts…

If you’re the victim of a slip, trip or fall in a public place and it could have been avoided, reach out to a personal injury lawyer now. 

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How a slip and fall accident could ruin your life

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