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How are holographic stickers made? ”

Are you looking for the most beautiful custom sticker that will help make your brand stand out? Or do you know you want custom holographic stickers and want to know more about them?

In this article, we’re going to explain, in detail, precisely what a holographic sticker is, how it’s made and what you would typically use a holographic sticker for. We’ll also include some incredible examples of holographic stickers and give you resources to get your own made.

So, let’s get started.

What is a holographic sticker?

A holographic sticker is printed on rainbow, iridescent effect metallic vinyl. We use the effect to create metallic colors. Holographic stickers can be cut to any shape and are generally very durable, waterproof, and survive scratching & chemicals. Here’s an example of a holographic sticker:

In this example, we have printed the design in full-color, and we’ve used white ink to create beautiful effects. 

How are holographic stickers made?

We make holographic stickers from a durable, metallic vinyl that has a medium-strength adhesive. We print onto this rainbow effect vinyl using the latest UV-cured, digital inkjet technology. We then use a protective gloss laminate for maximum durability.

This image shows the layers of a holographic sticker:

The layers are:

  1. A clear gloss over-laminate protects the design from sunlight, scratching, water & oils.
  2. We print using the latest technology with fine detail & vibrant colors. We can print white ink behind some colors to remove the iridescent effect.
  3. The holographic vinyl gives your design a shimmering, dazzling effect.
  4. The permanent, medium-strength adhesive is perfect for 1000s applications.
  5. A thick backing paper makes them easy to peel & gives a premium finish.

What are holographic stickers typically used for?

They are versatile stickers and have many uses. Here’s a shortlist to help explain how many uses they have:

  • Premium product branding
  • Logo stickers
  • Food packaging labels
  • Makeup packaging
  • Cell phone and laptop branding

How do I design my holographic sticker?

Step 1 is to create a design suitable to have printed on the beautiful rainbow effect material. Here is a useful template you can use to get started. It explains some of the requirements for designing a sticker.

When you order holographic stickers with most suppliers, they will send you a design proof showing what it looks like before printing. This is super helpful and gives you the confidence your design will look right once printed.

Where can I get holographic stickers?

If you Google, you’ll find a couple of suppliers, but it is a special material, so not everyone prints it. Sticker it is a great company that supplies custom holographic stickers. Their ordering process is super easy, and they arrive in only 4 days! Check out Sticker it here.

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How are holographic stickers made?

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